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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Email in: 2500 DE list


"Hello, Kirby, my name is Andrey, and I am a fairly new 40k gamer in Dallas, TX. Not that where I live actually matters, but it does seem like such a nice segway into yet another person asking you to look at their army list. I know that the necrons are out and skyrim is busily downloading as I type these very words, but if you do have some spare time, please take a looksie and tell me what you think. In the UTD scene the usual game is run at 2500 points, partially because its rather epic and fun, but mostly because 'ard boyz is a rather virulent disease. To the point. When the new DE first came out, it only took a mildly intelligent cockroach to look at it and notice that the duke and the baron are pretty cool dudes. I, being a tad smarter the average cockroach, took this idea and made a list out of it, which struggled through various iterations and finally arrived at something rather close to your royalty list. So much for being a unique and special flower (god i hate fight club references). So, the meat:

Duke and baron (255)
5 warriors with blaster in a venom with cannon x3 (375)
15 hellions with helliarch and stunclaw (255)
9 trueborn with carbines and two cannons in a raider with nightshield (233)
5 trueborn with blasters and darklance in a venom with cannon and nightshield x2 (420)
ravager with nightshield x3 (345)
9 reavers with heat lances (234)
4 beastmasters with a fiend and 6 razrowings x2 (356)

A grand total of 2493 points with 25 lances (3 heat lances), 112 poisoned shots (37 on a 3+ duuuuuuke), 4 scoring units, 4 good combat squads and one dedicated anti infantry shooter. I know that the hq and their retinues are a bit fat, but deep down in the recesses of my heart I'm addicted to killy hq's like Andy Warhol to amphetamines. As far as the reavers go, their main use is to get a pain token, and then become a t4 fnp 3++ shield that also pops vehicles when its not needed. Nightshields are freely interchangeable with flickerfields, but I play on a large table with lots of well positioned cover, and I found that the tactical applications of nightshields, such as avoiding shots from the farther half of the opponent's army are much more interesting. Anyways, I hope youll give me some feedback on all this jazz, and I would like to add that your blog is hands down my most visited 40k blog on the net. Keep up the great work. Oh, look, Skyrim's done.



Four scoring units at 2500 is not going to cut it - particularly when they are T3 and you only have 30 bodies. Whilst the Hellions can be amazingly durable with Stealth and some Pain Tokens - you're relying too much on your opponent not laughing your Troops off the board. You do have a lot of poisoned shots as well but your anti-tank might be a bit low. So here's what I'd do - get two more Warrior squads in Raiders. If you can get large squads which can take Lances - awesome but points is going to restrict you here so blaster Warriors are more likely.

How to do this though? First I'd drop most of the Nightshields. You've got several Venoms so you're covered in generating cover and thus flickerfields are less necessary. Night shields are great, particularly against some armies, but at 2500 points there is going to be some firepower which is going to be able to knock your planes out of the sky. Dropping all of these saves you 90 points and will go a long way to helping you get more bodies and lances onto the table. Saturation is often better than neat upgrades.

We'll then drop the Dark Lances from the Trueborn. You either want to go Blasterborn or Lanceborn with these guys - don't mix the two. It looks like you have multiple blasters already so you can stick with those options. Finally we'll have to cut 3x Reavers + a Heat Lance to get those extra points we need for those scoring bodies. The problem here becomes...we've just lost three lance weapons to gain four - so we haven't really increased your anti-tank but your scoring and vehicle saturation is nicely increased. I feel the single squad of Reavers couldbe dropped in place of something else (another Beast squad? buffing out the Warriors, etc.) as well but the two heat lances they bring and ability to screen your army are nice bonuses.

Beyond this I'd be looking at putting shock prows on a lot of your Raiders - tank shocking + ramming are excellent options to have and can really help the Hellions and Beastmasters break open your opponent's infantry lines. Also - the Beastmaster squad is much better with Khymeras and Razorwings - more bodies and that lovely 4++ instead of the Clawed Fiend.

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