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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Email in: 2K Dark Eldar list


"Hey Kirby,

I'm stuck on this 2k list at about 80 points shy. Let me know what you think.

Duke Sliscus, the Serpent – 150

*Haemonculus, Agoniser, Liquifier Gun -- 80

*Haemonculus, Agoniser, Liquifier Gun – 80

4 Kabalite Trueborn, 2 Shardcarbine, 2 Splinter Cannon, Venom,
Splinter Cannon – 143

10 Warriors, Blaster, Splinter Cannon, Raider, Flickerfield – 185

10 Warriors, Blaster, Splinter Cannon, Raider, Flickerfield – 185

*9 Wyches, Shardnet and Impaler, Hekatrix, Blast Pistol, Agoniser,
Raider, Shockprow, Flickerfield – 220

*9 Wyches, Shardnet and Impaler, Hekatrix, Blast Pistol, Agoniser,
Raider, Shockprow, Flickerfield – 220

Fast Attack
6 Reavers, 2 Heat Lance – 156

6 Reavers, 2 Heat Lance – 156

Heavy Support
Ravager, Flickerfield – 115

Ravager, Flickerfield – 115

Ravager, Flickerfield – 115

The Duke rides with the trueborn. The haemonculi with the wyches. I would have liked to fit in some blasterborn or some wracks, but I'm not sure where I would squeeze them in. Any help here would be great.


I think the Duke can go and his associated Trueborn. The list feels like something built without the Duke in mind and then as an upgrade from the original level, the Duke was added for the combat drugs and then the 3+ poison unit was shoe-horned in. Not saying this happened but that's what it looks like. When you use the Duke you should really aim to maximise the use of two of his abilities - combat drugs, deep-striking vehicles and 3+ poison. Trying to fit all three in often makes a list a bunch of mumbo jumbo but only using one is inefficient. The above list is the latter as you're really only focusing on the combat drugs aspect of what he does and even then, you're not spamming the concept. Furthermore, it's important to remember that every combat drug is a good combat drug so whilst the Duke increases your chances of picking the best combat drug for a particular game, the gains aren't massive.

If we drop the Duke and change the splinterborn to Blasterborn (and grab another Blasterborn + Venom unit) we not only improve the whole concept of the army but the anti-tank in the list as well. I'd be looking to drop the Agonisers from the Haemonculi as well and perhaps the Blast Pistols from the Wyches. You can then try and get some MSU Wracks in Raiders for backfield scoring or get Haywire grenades on the Wyches. The MSU Wracks is probably the better idea for more scoring options though you could also turn the Warriors into MSU squads as well - something which might be a good idea.

The Blaster/Cannon/Raider combo is pretty decent at lower points (say 1500) but when it comes down to it, running a Blaster/Venom MSU squad of Warriors is cheaper and nearly as efficient in terms of what they bring to the table-top (the most obvious loss being the Dark Lance and five bodies). If this down-sizing saves you enough points to get the MSU Wracks and Haywire Grenades on the Wyches though, it's probably a good idea as you get more scoring options, keep the same number of anti-tank guns, maintain your anti-infantry potential and give the Wyches some valuable duality in the process.

Any spare points can give the Haemonculi Venom Blades or if there are a bunch left, grab another Blasterborn unit, Reaver unit or Beastmasters with Razorwings + Khymera to help out the Wyches in combat.

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