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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Email in: Battle Reports/Vassal

"Hey, I was reading through some of the old posts (Batreps), and I was curious if there was anyway to watch games being played on Vassal? While I am more or less on the opposite side of the world, i think it would be fun to watch some of the more experienced list builders and what not get some games in. (40k internet celebrity death-match? Haha)

I am still coming along with the Tau, although, I'm hesitant to get my suits (or converted suits as the case may be) all up and running with what I hope will be a tau update soon. Still got plenty of work to be done, and a life to busy to do it. Which leads to a question. Any experience with lists seeking to bring massive amounts of Birdmens? (talking minimum 60+). Flamer Deathrain suits, 88's, pathfinders and Kroot?

No codex or scribe on this comp, so just gonna guess-timate on the points here.

1500 pts (or so)
El Mp Flamer 70

Xv 8 Mp Flamer x3 150
Xv 8 Mp Flamer x3 150
Xv 8 Mp Flamer x3 150

FW x6 60
Kroot x20 +hound x1 146
Kroot x20 +hound x1 146
Kroot x20 +hound x1 146

Pathfinder x6 +DF Dpod 150ish

88 TAx2 160
88 TAx2 160

Just curious if anything like this has been used, and I haven't found the info on it yet.

Anyway, appreciate all the good work, enjoying the blog as usual. Take care. "

You can watch games on Vassal easily enough yes - just join rooms and sync with the players. Most of the stuff that goes in there is pretty meh though. It's better to try and organise a game with someone from the chatbawks so you both know you're looking for a competitive minded game, etc.

What does mass Kroot do for the army? I can't say I've run one or seen one run outside of Mercs but there's only so much defensive prowess they can provide and they aren't exactly a durable target to keep pumping out firepower - even with cover. Really three squads is okay if you keep them smallish as you have some tactical flexibility with them but otherwise the standard twox 17 sized squads are your best bet. With spare points grab Piranhas for more aggressive defensive blocking.

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