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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Email in: Blood Angels

"Hey all!

Congrats on the new move, the new writers and new subject matter. Its always a plus(plus) when my favorite site expands. I wanted to get a pseudo-professional opinion on my list if you wouldn't mind.

I've got a jumper/pod BA collection, and should I win the lottery (or get my brother interested in 40k) I'd like to mechanize. The list should ideally provide turn 1 target priority problems, lots of armored hulls and a cc punch for whenevee turn weaving and shooting becomes passé. What do you think of the list? Oh, and I dropped one back to a rhino to add some infernus pistols and make one sang priest wear termie armor. I figure since I need to hold my own backfield objective that squad would do the trick.

Libby- shield/lance 100
(rides with assault Marines)

furioso- dpod 160
(1st turn disruption)
Assault terms: x3 th/ss: 215
LR redeemer: 240
x2 sang priests: x1 termie: 135
(t. Priest rides w/ termies)

assault squad: melta, infernus: 125
razorback: las/plas: 55
(librarian rides center formation)
assault squad: melta, infernus: 125
razorback: las/plas: 55
(sang priest rides w/ them)
assault squad: melta: 110
razorback: las/plas: 55
assault squad: melta: 110
Rhino: 15
(they cover backfield)

Baal: 115
Baal: 115

Predator: ac/las: 135
predator: ac/las: 135"

The Furioso and single Land Raider don't really fit. What's great about Blood Angels is you can actually do pretty decent two-three Land Raider armies without being rocky. Sure there are rock elements (the Land Raiders) but you can easily run multiples of them and rely on S5/I5 Marines.

With this in mind I'd be looking at converting one of the Razorbacks to a Land Raider of some form or ditch the Land Raider + Terminators completely and go for the Mech BA with AV13 wall. If you want a more impressive assault unit, run Mephiston or Sanguinary Guard behind the mech wall to jump out and pounce on anything which gets too close. SG are pricey for what they are but they do make excellent beater units.

If you really want to include the Furioso + Pod concept in your list, I'd be making it a Libby Dread so you can Blood Lance stuff on the way down. Personally though, this is too expensive and it's not like you don't have ways to get to your opponent's tanks with melta quickly.

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