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Friday, November 11, 2011

Email in: Idea for Black Templars


" Hello Kirby...

I have email you before about advice and have followed your site for sometime now and enjoy it alot!

The following army list below is a Black Templar Shootie with some bubble wrap concept, I was looking at the BT "Holy Thunder Bubble" and wanted some TH/SS termies to take the heat off the CML Termie squads while putting out some hurt!. I see that 3 rhinoes isn't alot but the enemy would have to focus on just them while termies advance and fire along with the rest of the armour shooting, so I am hoping for the termies to take aggro while troop can atleast get close to objectives while utilizing there two special weapons.

Anyways... let me know what you think.

PS: the Emperor champs vow is the only thing to stop physic attacks... which is alright ?

Emperor Champ Abhor Witch

5X Termies with 2x CML 1 CF (Tank Hunter)
5X Termies with 2x CML 1 CF (Tank Hunter)
5X Termies with all TH/SS (This is the bubble wrap in front of the Shooties termies, i know cover saves but our local shop uses alot of terrrian, enemy models are always getting 4+ covers)

Crusader Squad (5) - Melta Gun, Multi Melta with Rhino
Crusader Squad (5) - Melta Gun, Multi Melta with Rhino
Crusader Squad (5) - Plasma gun, Lascannon with Rhino
Crusader Squad (5) - Lascannon (Sits on closest objective... pisses people off with lascannon)

Landspeeder Typhoon
Landspeeder Typhoon

2x Predator with Auto Cannon and Lascannon spon with Machine Spirit

....Thanks again to looking... Cheers

I think you're honestly fine without the TH/SS and running 5 more shootynators is fine - but if you really want them they're not a bad choice. Unlike in Vanilla Marines though you can't combat squad or teleport them about which is pretty big for them.

Otherwies the list looks solid. I'd personally drop PotMS on the ACLC Preds for another transport on the final Crusader squad - hell if you can get the Rhinos on the Lascannon/plasma gun squads you can get a bunch more firepower which is always nice to have.

Abhor the Witch is a fine vow and gives you some passive psychic defense - never a bad thing.

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