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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Menoth Flameguard WIP

Okay so I've been sitting at my hobby table lately doing some painting and modelling both on my Blood Angels for December (gulp) and Menoth because...well they are new and shiny (aka dull black). We all know how my Reckoner mostly looks currently (I've attached a picture below) but I've been working on some infantry to spread out the load. With that I went with the Temple Flameguard as they seemed a lot easier than the Errants who have bling cubed.

With my really orange color scheme though care has to be taken not to overdue it or clash the colors as we had with the early Reckoner pics....

With this in mind, the orange couldn't be too bright and the yellow as usual had to be dulled down significantly. The result...well I'm quite happy with the result TBH. Here's two guys which are nearly completed with just some touch-ups required and smoothing the blending on the shield.

And then the rest of them in their WIP progress with cloaks pretty much done and some of the secondary color work done. Obviously detailing is still trucking along.

So thoughts and comments here? I think the scheme looks alright on infantry, though it is dulled down a fair amount on the cloak compared to the armor plates (which aren't common on the Flameguard). Also - thinking of a Desert themed base. Any tips or ideas here? I'd like to not fork out for more Resin bases if possible...

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