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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

PM in: Blood Angels


"Hello, im currently building my own hybrid blood angel list and i know you really know your stuff when it comes to blood angel army lists so i was wondering if you could spare a minute to take a look at my 1750pt list

Here it is:-

Librarian 145pts
Terminator armour and storm shield
Shield of Sanguinius
Unleash Rage

5 Assault terminators 210pts
2 Thunder hammers and storm shields
3 Pairs of lightning claws

Land raider redeemer 250pts

Sanguinary Priest 80pts
Jump pack
Melta bombs

5 Assault Marines 110pts
Melta gun
Razorback 55pts
T-L lascannon

5 Assault Marines 110pts
Melta gun
Razorback 55pts
T-L lascannon

10 Assault marines 235pts
2 meltaguns

3 Attack Bikes 150pts
3 Multi-meltas

4 Bikes 150pts

Predator 100pts
heavy bolters

Predator 100pts
heavy bolters

Anyway thank you for taking a few minutes out of your way to read this. Im looking forward to hearing from you


Single rocks are never a great idea. I'd be trying to run at least two Land Raiders if not three with ASM in the other Land Raiders and then using those to block LoS to other vehicles/jump units. Alternatively you could run Mephiston instead of the Libby as your 2nd 'rock.' Alternatively again, drop the Land Raider/Terminators and put all your ASM into Razorbacks and run the Hybrid part of your list as Sanguinary Guard - these hide behind the Razorbacks and jump out as needed.

Otherwise, the Bike squad isn't really needed. More Attack Bikes or Land Speeders are best here and I'd be looking to get one more Sanguinary Priest. The layout for your Predators and Assault Marines is also fine but converting the TLLC Razorbacks into LasPlas will net you more firepower and weapon durability - particularly since the Razorbacks are Fast in BA.

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