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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Email in: mega nubz?


"so heres an oldie army list thats been dismissed so very quickly, but i just wanted to get your current opinion on it in the current meta, seeing as we have deathwing terminators marching over battlefields with success, how about a copy cat list from some orks?

a few notes you mite want to remember: mega nobz have , stikkbombz (frag-nades) furious charge rule, as well as mob and waagh,
theyre stats are ws:4 bs:2 s:4 t:4 w:2 i:3 a:3 ld:7
and of course, they are elites (unless a warboss is present, on a one boss = one troops basis), only have a regular 2+ save, and are slow and purposeful

the list:

The Mad dok 160

Mega armour
Boss pole
Attack squig
Cybork 125 (cheaper cybork due to mad dok)

9 Mega'Nobz,
Cybork bodies
9 combi-rokkits 405

20 Boyz,
Boss pole
Eavy Armour
power klaw 170

9 Mega'Nobz
9 combi rokkits 405

Dedicated Transports
Battle wagon,
Deff rolla
armour plates
4x rokkits
kannon 195

Battle wagon,
same as above 195

Battle wagon,
same as above 195

total 1850

the warboss with one group of nobz, and mad dok with the other.

the obvious downsides, lack of scoring troops, dependance on only 3 vehicles and 3 units one such unit suffering from Mad Dok's rage rule and only two scoring. the upsides, two big furious charged power klaw heavily armoured units, one with high leadership and scoring, the other fearless, and a bucket load of rokkit spam for that first turn barrage

another way of doing mega nubz, would be to follow the foot approach, having two warboss's (one could be ghaz if you feel you need that guaranteed 6" move in a waagh and a rock hard boss.) and then several units of mega'nobz in smaller units to split up and minimise any large losses due to failed leadership tests or perhaps grot screens for mobile cover e.g.

Ghazgull 225

mega armoured
boss pole
Attack Squig 130

10 Mega'Nobz
10 rokkitz 450

10 Mega'Nobz
10 rokkitz 450

10 Grotz
Runtherder 40

10 Grotz
Runtherder 40

10 Grotz
Runtherder 40

10 Mega'Nobz
10 rokkitz 450 now this unit of 10 can be split into a 4 and two 3's if need-be to provide more units as they will all suffer from the same low leadership of 7, but will be forced to take it
earlier due to 25% casualties from shooting

lobba 25 this unit is truly an arbritrary way to finish of the army to 1850pts, you could instead split the points for a few more grot shields.
The grot units in turn can be swapped for 3 more mega'nobz somewhere. perhaps changing the elites to two units of 6 and 7, or a 5 a 4 and a 4 etc. you do the math :)

anyway prove me wrong by finding decent tactical ways to make a mega'nob heavy list.

After mulling over some more mega nob theory i realized you can do wound allocation shenanigans up to potentialy 10 models plus ic. You start with 1 twin link shoota, add 2 combi scorcha and 2 combi rokkits, then first chance you get only fire one of each combi, this then defines them as a seperate characteristic to the other models, tho you mite classify these new combi-used nobz as the same plain shoota nob, you then double that with mad dok cybork bodies to another 5 with same loadout. Just a thought

perhaps the closest relevance to this list is not deathwing or lysander style terminator spam armies but the new grey knight paladins,

now they dont have force weapons, or acess to a librarian and theyre shooting is pretty rubbish, but they are a lot of 2 wound models in heavy armour with possible feel no pain, invulnerable or cover saves mixed in.

just a thought"

I think Mega Nobs are often an overlooked unit. That being said, I think running lots of them or big units of them isn't the way to go just like running big units of Nob Bikers is not the way to go. They become very expensive and aren't that hard to kill, particularly when there aren't any other threats around. So what do Mega Nobz bring to the table? First like all Nobs they allow extra Battlewagons with their dedicated transport option. They bring a bunch of Power Klaw attacks to the table and with W2/2+ they are pretty durable, particularly when you mix up their shooting weapons to get the annoying wound allocation shenanigans in. However, they don't have access to good invulnerable saves and have to pay quite a bit just for a 5++. Considering the price of things today, they should simply come with cybork bodies considering what is being paid for them.

This means Mega Nobz do great at beating up units which don't have a bunch of power weapons or power fists which will bypass their impressive W2/2+ defensive statistics. This makes them seem like a beater unit but without the ability to pursue opponents and being very slow without a transport.

With all this in mind, I think running two squads of three to five is your best bet. You gain access to two more Battlewagons and have a couple of units which are going to trash must other units (obvious exceptions being anyone with a lot of power weapon attacks and more specifically, S8+ power weapon attacks). The question becomes - do I take multiple Warbosses to make them scoring? I would hesitate to do this as you lose Kustom Force Field which is a very nice option to have. Is one Big Mek and one Warboss workable? Perhaps though so is no Warboss at all though you then lose the option of multiple Loota squads.

Regardless, I'd be keeping the units small and in Battlewagons with wound allocation shooting weapons and use them as a unit that can look at a Tactical squad and laugh at it (unlike say Trukk boys). Fill out the rest of the army with the usual assortment - Rokkit Buggies, more Battlewagons, Kanz, Trukk Shoot Boyz w/reinforced Rams, Lootas, etc. and I think you'll have a decent army for Orks.

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