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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Email in: Salamander List Composition


"Hey Kirby,

Would you mind taking a look and evaluating a Salamanders 2K list I threw together?
The idea of the list is to combine drop pod assault tactics with maximum usage of Vulkan's "blessing".

I'm sure you must get a bunch of Sally lists but I'm a sucker for the non-Imo guys in green so here we go:

Vulkan-190pts(No S***)
Captain-160 pts- Artificer, SS, TH
Command Sqd-190pts-Apothecary, 2X Vets with combi flamers, 2x Vets with Combi plasma(Swap for combi melta?)
Drop Pod for Vulkan and friends

Sternguard-255pts- 5X with Combi flamers, 2X with HF, Drop Pod (for dealing with those Ork mobs)
Sternguard-245pts- 5X with Combi meltas, 2X with melta guns, Drop Pod (for dealing with high points units, tank squadrons, Manticores, or other must kill units)

Ironclad Dread-180pts-Normal load plus HF,Drop Pod

Tactical Sqd-220pts- Melta gun, Multi melta, Combi melta on SGT, Drop Pod
Tactical Sqd-220pts- Melta gun, Multi melta, Combi melta on SGT, Rhino
Scout Snipers-140 pts- All Sniper rifles

Landspeeder-100pts- Typhoon, Multi melta
Landspeeder-100pts- Typhoon, Multi melta



I think if you;re doing this you really need to run a MotF as well so you can get Sternguard/Tacticals and Dreadnoughts - don't worry about Fast Attack. This gives you options on what to drop T1 - Dreadnoughts or infantry. The issue is going to be points as you're dropping 290 into HQ - less than what you are now but still steep.

From there I'd get two all-round Sternguard squads, two Tacticals and four Dreadnoughts with MM/HF. Sternguards should be packing a bunch of combi-meltas and perhaps 2x heavy flamers - don't specialise them, mix them up. That's what Sternguard do best. All the Tacticals should be in Pods and triple melta is a fine option here. A small Sniper scout squad for the MotF to chill with (Conversion Beamer) isn't a bad idea either. Extra points can buy more Sternguard or Drop Pod upgrades like Beacons/Deathwind launchers, etc.

This gives you lots of infantry/Dreadnoughts in your opponent's face early and let's you choose which one to drop on T1 whilst providing support with the other later. You've got a lot of melta and flamer options whilst still securing your backfield with a nice objective holding unit. Vulkan can hitch a ride with whatever squad needs to be scarier.

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