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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Email in: A Word Bearers-themed list?


"Kirby and co.

First of all, I should mention that I love the site - it's the best 40k blog I've found so far (admittedly, I have comparatively little experience of interwebz 40k), so for that I thank you.

Onto the topic. I've recently started a Word Bearers army (read: cutting up Dark Angels with scalpels and repainting old Daemon Princes) and am trying to build a themed 1500pts or 1750pts list for them. The list will be mainly power-armoured, so we've got Chosen with Melta for anti-tank instead of the more 'standard' Termicide units. I'm aiming for twenty five Chaos Space Marines, but I've yet to decide the split between five and ten-man units. Regardless, they'll be mounted in Rhinos. Three or more Obliterators will be my Heavy Support. Points allowing, I'll be putting in some cult troops too (probably Plague Marines). Now here's my conundrum; for theming, do I take Lesser Daemons or Possessed? Both are sub-optimal units, but which is the less mediocre (?). Lesser Daemons are cheaper, granted, but need Icons, and for Icons to be successful you need to a. pay 10 points per icon (and to ensure that the Daemons actually get to turn up, I'll be needing more than one Icon) and b. take 10-man units because Icons in 5-man units are silly.

On the other side of the defaced Imperial coin, I could go down the Gal Vorbak route of Possessed. They're expensive, unpredictable, but not ridiculously terrible (Unless they get Scout. Then they kinda suck). They fit the Word Bearers theme, and don't need Icons, and of course put an extra Rhino on the field, but each Possessed costs as much as two Lesser Daemons and at least with the Daemons you know what you're getting and can sort of build a plan around it (I say 'sort of' because I'm still at the mercy of the dice with reserves and of course, as Chaos, have no way of modifying that roll).

Anyway, this thing is getting long, so I'll ask the million-dollar question here;

In your professional opinion, which is the better unit for a mostly power armoured, short-range (12" or closer is my optimal distance) Chaos army?


I'm going to go with Lesser Daemons - you know what you're getting with them every game, they're cheap and they score. They may suck and provide eh combat ability plus need the pay for icons but they can support the Chosen/CSM you have in a pinch whilst Possessed can be either good or shit.

Also, wouldn't Plague Marines move a bit away from the Word Bearers theme? Don't know my Chaos legions that well these days =D!

The Marine based CSM list is a fine one - lots of Rhinos with guns on top, flamers and meltas backed up by Oblits will see you in good stead despite overpaying for a lot of stuff. The army's main weakness will still be close combat though (no matter what crappy unit you take to counter this) except through mass S4 attacks and mid-range damage. You'll have lots of short-ranged guys with meltaguns, bolters and flamers and the long-ranged firepower of the Oblits but you wont have that middling (and mobile) ranged firepower a lot of other armies rely upon. Just so you know ^^.

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