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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sisters of Battle FAQ


...Two questions answered and three erratas? Huh. And how long did it take Games Workshop to put this together?

Well for anyone confused, Celestine is an Independent Character making her the bargain we all expected at 115 points. Slingshot her into the enemy please. Her "stand back up" special rule always works as well in case you weren't clear on that and only one of the same Act of Faith can be used a turn - sucky. Now if I have an excess amount of Faith to use the only Acts I wish on the units I planned to use Faith, I can't use it all to increase my chances of getting those Acts off. Let's make Faith worse okay?

Acros are now S5 if anyone was taking them over Deathcults as well. Yipee.

Disappointing. Whilst there weren't huge FAQ issues in the Sisters of Battle White Dwarf fix, maybe Games Workshop should recognise this as poor form... unlikely!

Now, where's that Necron FAQ? And don't screw this one up...

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