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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Summer Horizon wrap-up

Vince and I went to a one-dayer today and both did well! Vince as usual did very well on paint and won first in that regard and thanks to his good paint score and decent gaming (for…once :P) came 2nd overall. I on the other hand had my half painted Grey Knights (moving = busy) but didn’t have an embarrassing loss this time around…yay. I went 3-0 (one of two people to do so) and got first for general. I also tied first in sports if I recall correctly and came 8th overall (5/10 paint score – to be expected. I will finish the army to the proper standards one day…).

Anyway quick run-down with full bat reps this week. Game 1 was against Vince – we decided to play each other for a last “can Vince beat Kirby once in 2011?” Didn’t happen despite a lot of help from David Teoh (and a few thoughts myself). It was a very close game but unfortunately slow and we only got through four turns. Straight KP which was good for both of our armies as we had 21 each. 16-4 win for me.

Game 2 was against Jason (jasonc online) with Mechdar – not a bad list but certainly showing its age these days though Eldrad + S6 is a pain for Grey Knights. Was five objectives placed by players and I loaded one side and basically made a mobile gunline there and took his army apart. 20-0 win for me.

Game 3 was against Jay (shakey online) with his Shrike Marines – lots of Terminators and Scouts. My one playtest game had been against Puppy’s FNP ASM + Terminator list (15 Terminators, 20 ASM, Libby, 3 Priests, 10 Devs) so I knew I could drop that many durable models (and these don’t have FNP). It was capture and control pitched battle and with 3x Servo Skulls, the TH/SS weren’t infiltrating anywhere near me. A lot of shooting, delaying and throwing tanks later and I emerged the victor 19-1 and won best general by a single battle point.

Whilst the SM and Eldar lists weren’t the strongest, they were piloted by players with a history of good play so it was nice in that regard. Beating down MVB’s Orks in Vince’s hands was a nice revenge for my Nids when Billy was using them =D.

Anyway, was a great and cheap one-day tournament and had lots of fun. Honestly would prefer a lot more like this as it’s a lot less troublesome in getting time to have a whole weekend off from other life aspects. Good games to everyone and get prepped for 3++con!

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