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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Email in: 1500 Eldar


hope things are good and the new year is treating you well, I’ve recently got back into 40k as I find myself with a lot more free time on my hands than I use to have, and after a very good Christmas (lots and lots of models from Santa) I’ve been playing about with my eldar list. 1500 points.

HQ (158pts)

Farseer (158pts)

Doom (25pts), Fortune (30pts), Runes of Warding (15pts), Runes of Witnessing (10pts), Singing Spear (3pts), Spirit Stones (20pts)

Troops (516pts)

Rangers (120pts)
5x Rangers (120pts)

5x Pathfinders (25pts)

Wraithguard (Troops) (396pts)

10x Wraithguard (350pts)

Spiritseer (46pts)

Conceal (15pts), Witchblade

Fast Attack (360pts)

Hornet Squadron (IA) (125pts)
Hornet (120pts)

Pulse Laser (30pts), Pulse Laser (30pts)

Hornet Squadron (IA) (120pts)
Hornet (120pts)

Bright Lance (25pts), Pulse Laser (30pts)

Hornet Squadron (IA) (115pts)
Hornet (120pts)

Bright Lance (25pts), Bright Lance (25pts)

Heavy Support (450pts)

Fire Prism (150pts)

Holo-fields (35pts), Twin-Linked Shuriken Catapults

Fire Prism (150pts)

Holo-fields (35pts), Twin-Linked Shuriken Catapults

Fire Prism (150pts)

Holo-fields (35pts), Twin-Linked Shuriken Catapults

In Game,

Fire Prisms keep distance and drop blasts on troops, size of blast varies depending on opponents army. Hornet with the 2 BL goes tank hunting the mixed BL, PL can back him up and the PL, PL goes for instant kills on all their tough guys.

So as you can see I like my Tanks my main issue is the Troop and Elites and the lack of bodies I actually end up with on table.

I like the Pathfinders and have had good enough results in game that I think that I’ll keep fielding a squad of them, my main issue then becomes the troops I’ve tried everything, Dire Avengers, In Wave Serpent , 10 Wraith guard etc and they never seem to perform that well, then it’s the elites and the Fire Dragon spam that everyone talks about on the net but never seems to work for me it’s the 12” range, kill the tank = killed by occupants the next turn, go after their heavy Elites and kill a few terminators/nobs on bikes/etc etc die as they charge next turn. Help and hits would be nice.


Ok also a total noob question, does the warlock power conceal work in cc, wording suggest it’s the attacker the power affects rather than the warlock creating a physical object on the field of battle is there a case to say that it would still work in cc?"

The major issue of this list is scoring - Wraithguard are a pretty meh unit regardless and single squad of them and a tiny Pathfinder squad is a bit light. I think in this regard replacing the Wraithguard unit with DAVU Serpents is your best bet - you still have light Troop choices but they are at least safe in the confines of AV12 Serpents. You can keep the Pathfinders.

The Hornets are a nice unit brought in by IA as a Vyper replacement but not sure on the points there - the values I have are different but *shrug*. Like most of the Eldar vehicles, you over-pay for the Lance weapons though if they Pulse Lasers are indeed 30 points, that's a pretty decent buy. Otherwise I think these are best with double Scatter Lasers - cheap with a lot of S6 though the issue becomes how do you deal with enemy tanks? S6 only goes so far and you don't have the points to run multiple Dragon squads.

If we drop a Prism and a Hornet then we could nab two Dragons in Scatter Laser Serpents and we now have some more reliable anti-tank (and the other Hornets could even remain as double Pulse Laser for some nice S8 firepower). Fire Dragons are certainly a glass cannon affair but by using the tanks to limit return fire and assault against them, Fire Dragons are quite capable of firing and living for a couple of turns. If they don't however, they are to be aimed to really tough targets that need to be taken out otherwise use them as a sort of guaranteed tank kill (despite it not being a 100% sure thing). If you don't use them overly aggressively they will come in handy and they bring along two more AV12 Serpents which is nice.

If you want to scale this up to 2000 adding in another Prism and Hornet + some more DAVUs or Storm Guardians in Serpents moves this along nicely. Don't be too focused on the lack of infantry though, that's something Eldar just have to deal with currently.

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