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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Email in: 1863 Crowe


I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I always enjoy reading your feedback on lists submitted to you. I am currently debating on playing in a local tournament. It is the same one a Necron player spoke about a few reviews ago called Battle for Stones River. Took place in 1863, so that is the points value for the tournament. I had thought about playing Draigowing and just having fun with it. After a few games, I think I want to be a little more serious. Anyway, enough typing, here is what I have come up with from looking online and through the book...

2x 5man Purifiers 2xPsyCannon, DH, 2xHalbreds, Rhino - SL, DB
2x 5man Purifiers 2xPsyCannon, Ward Staff, 2xHalbreds, RBack - PsyBolt, SL
2x 5man Strikes PsyCannon, DH, RBack - PsyBolt, SL
5man Interceptors Psycannon, MCDH
3x Psyfleman Dreads


This list is shamelessly inspired (taken) from an 'Ard Boyz list I had seen online. (I don't consider myself all that great at writing lists) I am not married to anything in this list. Should I want to play it, I will be buying it all. Main reason I am writing is because if I am going to buy this, I want to know it will not be a big heaping pile of....well you know.

Thanks for your time and advice! I look forward to hearing from you!"

Crowe lists with lots of MSU Purifiers aren't bad builds but they aren't super top-notch either. If you wanted to keep the same basic outline of the list I'd be ditching the Strikes and most of the combat upgrades. 5x Purifiers with double Psycannon + Hammer and Psyback are good little units to provide shooting and have a five point hammer in reserve. I'd look to make two units larger (10 strong maybe?) and chuck in some Halberds + Rhino in place of the Psyback to give you some more tactical options.

Obviously you want the Psyfledreads as well though if you have more spare points grabbing some MM VenDreads isn't a bad idea either.

Remember, Crowe lists can put out quite a bit of firepower but your basic model is 24 points and doesn't get any cheaper. The smaller units aren't great at combat and whilst the larger units can pack an annoying punch with lots of Halberds, their combat potential can go down quickly. Again, the list concept will be solid but despite the Internet thinking it's the most broken thing ever, it's not superduperamazing.

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