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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Email in: 2K Deathwing



First off love the blog and it is now almost daily for me to check and see what you guys have to say about my favorite game. So Thanks! Now my local shop has seen an influx of Grey Knight players and I wanted to some input on my Deathwing list. The Grey Knight players locally don't use any melta what so ever so I was thinking of running a dual Land Raider Deathwing list to take advantage. It is as follows -

Belial - th/ss

DW - Banner, 5 th/ss
Land Raider Crusader - EA

DW - 5 th/ss
Land Raider Crusader - EA

DW - sb/pf/cml, sb/pf, sb/cf, 2 th/ss
DW - sb/pf/cml, sb/pf, sb/cf, 2 th/ss
DW - sb/pf/cml, sb/pf, sb/cf, 2 th/ss

Land Speeder - mm/tml
Land Speeder - mm/tml

So the general idea is a dual raider rush with footslogging shootier squads walking up behind. I did have the thought of adding a librarian because we still benefit from a board wide psychic hood but our librarians are LD 9 unless you take a special character that is almost 200 points. I wanted some feedback to see what you think it might be able to do against standard purifer lists and draigo lists. Thanks!

Jay "

Deathwing really works best as just putting down as many Terminators as you can and putting in support around them. Land Raiders are cute but they eat into your already small model count and even without melta, Grey Knights have an army which can easily 'get lucky' at range with a lot of S7 rending weapons so they aren't exactly a "automatically move up into opponent's face" option.

In the end I'd go with 6x5x Deathwing Terminator squads and make one the mini-deathstar with Belial, Banner and Apoth all in the same setup currently and then drop in support around them. Dreads, Typhoons and Preds are all nice choices as they provide ranged firepower to support the Terminators, allow you to run more TH/SS if you wish (as they provide anti-infantry at range) and give you vehicle saturation. You'll probably only get two of each as the Terminators are going to take up most of your points but you end up with more vehicles, Terminators and firepower than if you take two Land Raiders.

And one doesn't really need to worry about Psychic Hoods. Lacking one sucks but they cost way too much and don't provide enough utility outside of this to make them worthwhile.

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