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Friday, January 6, 2012

Email in: My GK list


"Hi Kirby,

I'm quite new to your blog and found many useful and informative stuff (thanks to you!!).
Now I have a 1200pts GK list that I would like to bring to a local tourney and, if ur okay with it, I'd like you to comment on them. Btw, the local tourney bans all special characters:

Xenos Inquisitor w/ Combi-melta
Malleus Inquisitor w/ Combi-melta, Daemonblade

2 Multi-melta Servitor
1 Warrior Acolyte (basic)
Mounted on Rhino w/ Dozer blade

5 Grey Knights w/ Daemonhammer on Justicar, 1 Psycannon, 1 Sword, 2 Halberds
Mounted on Psybacks w/ Dozer blade
5 Grey Knights w/ Daemonhammer on Justicar, 1 Psycannon, 1 Sword, 2 Halberds
Mounted on Psybacks w/ Dozer blade
5 Terminators w/ Daemonhammer on Justicar and 4 Halberds

Stormraven w/ Plasma Cannon and Multimelta, Searchlight

Psyflemen Dreadnought
Psyflemen Dreadnought

That's my list, please do give me your thoughts..

Thanks and Best Regards,
Daniel Vincent"

There's a few inefficiencies here. Double Inquisitor without really taking advantage of them for example as well as the combat weapons on the Grey Knights. I feel you need to streamline what you're doing with those so I'd be dropping the Stormraven and upgrading the Mallus inquisitor so he can run around with the Terminators in TDA and with a Psycannon - otherwise don't run the basic GKT and just use Strike Knights instead.

With the spare points from the Stormraven I'd look to then get another Henchmen squad which doesn't need an Inquisitor babysitter (or if you don't run the GKT, you can run them with Servitors - I'd personally prefer this as 2x Henchmen squads with babysitting Inquisitors is better than the one) to bring more firepower, another vehicle and melta to the table whilst expanding the first henchmen squad as well to include more bodies.

Drop the combat upgrades on the Strike squads as well and any spare points, particularly if you don't run the GKT, should get another squad of these guys.

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