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Monday, January 16, 2012

List Building: General Nemo Part 1

Greetings ladies and gentlemen of the intertubes, Whitestar333 from SPG again here to share some more list building tips for you.  Today I want to talk about my favorite weatherman: General Adept Nemo.  Cygnar is a faction that is known for being the most technologically advanced of the Warmachine factions, having mastered the blend of arcane energies and the power of lightning.  General Nemo (also known as Epic Nemo, or eNemo) maximizes these powers and so if you love the idea of calling lightning down on your foes with a wall of warjacks, he's the man for you!  Since this could easily turn into a very long article, I will be again breaking him down into two parts like I did for Dr. Arkadius.  Let's start by looking at eNemo's spells and abilities to see how we can make the most of him and then in Part 2 I will share a 35 point list which I believe plays to his strengths.

The first thing one should look at (for any 'caster, really) is his feat.  When he pops his feat he immediately allocates 3 focus to each warjack in his battlegroup.  This means that he obviously wants a good number of warjacks in his battlegroup to make the most of this feat.  If we look at his Focus Matrix we see that even if a warjack can't use the focus, he can pull it off to use for himself for more spells.

Secondly, I notice his elite cadre [Stormsmith] which allows Stormsmith Stormcallers to make their stormcalls on a skill-check roll of a [9] (instead of 8) and makes them POW 12 (instead of POW 10).  This is pretty significant because it means that Stormcallers can effectively hit any model on the equivalent of a 5+, giving you a great way of dealing with Stealth and high-DEF models.  These also cause disruption so it means that these guys will be awesome against Warmachine, but less effective against Hordes.

Let's analyze his spell list next.  We first should notice that eNemo has a lot of upkeeps (4), putting him clearly into the "support caster" category.  He only has one offensive spell, and you honestly should not be using it at all unless you find yourself with too much focus, but I doubt that will happen often.  For his upkeeps he has a situational SELF upkeep to protect himself against blasts/collateral/knock down (Force Field), a model/unit upkeep to keep a unit from getting charged (Polarity Shield), an offensive damage buff that gives electro-leap (Lightning Shroud), and an ARM buff that keeps a warjacks systems running (Fail Safe).  The other spell he has is an amazing movement boost spell that allows all models in his battlegroup (including himself!) to move 1" per focus he spends on it, to a max of three (Energizer).  General Nemo's spell list is pretty much the definition of a toolbox, with a spell for pretty much any occasion.  This means that to make the most of his spell list, he should have a clear target for each spell to make the most of them.

Plus he has an awesome model!
So to review, we have a Warcaster who has lots of spells - specifically upkeeps - that are great support for a variety of situations.  He also wants to take lots of warjacks to make the most of his spell Energizer as well as his feat.  Finally, he offers some significant boosts to Stormcallers, making them able to hit their targets more reliably (and consistently) as well as allows them to deal more damage so they can be effective against models with multiple damage boxes (like annoying solos).  In Part 2, we'll look at some sample lists and see how they take advantage of Nemo's spells and abilities.

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