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Monday, January 9, 2012

PM in: Legio Cybernetica Henchmen Advice?

"My thousand son grey knight army is progressing nicely and I'm grateful for your feedback and making me realise the best way for me to field my army.

However I've just had a recent idea to create a 2nd list which includes some fluff based Legio Cybernetica allies. My main reason for this is that I'm currently selling off a converted renegade mechanicus army and I thought it'd be nice to have some of my favourite conversions from that project (such as the one below) in the 1k sons army.

Of course I'll be looking to take them as troops and the main henchmen will be the guy below so a henchmen with carapace armour (can't really have a robot with a 5+ save).

I just unsure what weapon loadout to give them, I had thought of giving them storm bolters and 1 monkey per squad to give me some objective grabbers that could provide long range support. With some plasma servitors in cortrex's squad. I'm also debating including some psykers?

So I'd like to hear how you would suggest I field the squads; what weapons you recommend for them and if transports are necessary?"

First, awesome looking conversion. Second, you have a lot of options here in what you can do though I think your stormbolter idea is going to end up being the best. My first thought when looking at your conversions was run them as Servitors but that has the issue of being limited by mindlock without Inquisitors and from the sounds of things, you're looking to get a lot of these guys.

With that in mind, running squads with stormbolters and in Razorbacks is a fine idea - you'll lose a bit of efficinecny by running with caraprace armor but overall the concept is sound. I'd look to run four squads like this in either Passbacks or Psybacks and then run two squads with a couple Jokaero and a bunch of Acolytes again with Stormbolters for backfield scoring. Flesh out the rest of the army with your 1ksons in Elites (Purifiers), etc.

You could fit in a handful of Psykers to the backfield squads as well (around four would do nicely for the S6 AP3 blast whilst still having room for excess Acolyte bodies and a couple Jokaero though the monkeys are less important with the Pyskers in the squad) for some extra anti-infantry and would certainly fit the 1kson theme you've got going.

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