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Monday, January 23, 2012

Vassal Ladder: Season 3

From SageoftheTimes:

Alright, so Kirby's been bugging me about how I should you know, annouce the ladder's started, because it has.

So come on down, and see what we have here. Current things to do: make maps not suck (gonna change 2 of them around to be more 'different' so people can have the breadth of cover they desire), make submitting & checking lists easy (through use of some open source list program and some database programing), and generally trying to get the word out for it. One out of three isn't bad, I suppose.

Season 1 was pretty successful in relation to number of participants and games though Season 2 was a bit quieter - let's see if we can't get some more interest running this time round!

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