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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What do you want from 3++ until 6th edition?

The floor's open - what do you guys want to see with 6th edition coming round the corner? A Necron codex review is in the works, I believe AbusePuppy, Chumby and I shall be working on that (much like we did the Dark Eldar codex review). If VT2 doesn't produce something soon for the Grey Knights codex, I'll put together a review for that as well whilst also finishing off the Imperial Guard codex review (i.e. the conclusion and fixing that post where I forgot some basic rules).

Other than that though, what would you like to see? 5th edition has become stagnant for quite a lot of people and we've gone over a lot of what goes on behind the scenes and within the scenes. I'll try and take pictures of as many of my games as possible to do detailed battle reports for but there's only so much of those people want to read I think. I know the first response of many people would be to see deployment guides but unless we have really specific examples you'd like to see, these are generally very hard to write and don't give much more than vague outlines.

But otherwise, the floor is yours! Tell us what you'd like to see over the coming months or give us specific topics to write about and I'll endeavour to get them done. :) Remember, there are other systems as well.

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