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Sunday, February 19, 2012

3++con Update

I crashed early guys - less than 4 hours sleep led me to be a wee bit tired :P.

Here are the brackets with the corresponding Armies so you can see what's what. Painting is pretty tight between fix players and a few of those players are in the hunt for winning the event so Best Overall is currently quite close as well.

The final two brackets due to a loss of 4 players is a big of a hodge podge with 12 players available and a potential two winners coming from this bracket if two individuals remain undefeated. These are all the players who did most poorly Day 1 so it should be pitting like against like though and everyone will get some good games out of it!

Unforatunately we are having issues with the video - we are trying to fix and upload this ASAP and will try and be doing as quick uploads as we can today to ensure you guys are seeing some of the top battles from Bracket 1 (Julian & Janinda will be there first up). There is also a change from last night in relation to the brackets - Julian is now seeded 6th and Luke 5th (used to be the other way around). THey are both on the same Battle Points but Luke has won more primaries and thus was bumped up.

Bracket 1 - Pink

1 Chee Wong (DA)
8 Rupert Pupkin (Necrons)

4 David Teoh (SW)
5 Luke Spicer (Orks)

3 Janinda Liyanaarachchi (Orks)
6 Julian Miller (Necrons)

2 Tim Byrne (Orks)
7 Denis Fung (GK)

Bracket 2 - The New Black

1 Mitchell Corrigan (GK)
8 Michael Dickson (GK)

4 Rowan Naveau (DE)
5 Vincent Venstov (Orks)

3 Glenn Wilson (Eldar)
6 Lee Connor (GK)

2 Jimmy Wynen (Daemons)
7 Jason Collins (IG)

Bracket 3 - Breath Mints

1 Andrew Wynen (DE)
8 Herbie Peppard (BA)

4 Wayne Lauter IG)
5 Michael Pan (SW)

3 Simon Rainbow (BA)
6 Jenna O'Connor (DE)

2 Scott Norwood (DE)
7 Stephen Boothroyd (Nids)

Bracket 4 - Gold

1 Jordan Raskopoulos (Necrons)
8 Gary Morris (GK)

4 James Scifleet (Tau)
5 Andrew Black (IG)

3 Chris Wright (Tyranids)
6 Anthony Byers (DE)

2 Liam Crowley (Tau)
7 Shane Sofra (Eldar)

Bracket 5 - Silver

1 Adam Jenkinson (BA)
8 Dan Payne (SW)

4 Daniel Moore (DE)
5 Ryan Sirol GK)

3 Angus Aurora (SM)
6 Jared Clifford (SM)

2 Dean Hollis (CSM)
7 Marcus Williams (SM)

Bracket 6 - Bronze

1 Brendan Bruno (SW)
12 Troy Wynen (GK)

6 Tim Wallace (SW)
7 Andrew Fox (Orks)

4 Thomas Holdsworth (Orks)
9 Ben Williams (IG)

3 Robert Holtom (GK)
10 Justen Nixon (SM)

5 STAND IN ROSS (tyranids)
8 Tim Wright (GK)

2 Lochlan Browne (SM)
11 Sharon Albery (SOB)

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