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Saturday, February 18, 2012 here!

As I write this, I am leaving the house to head to the venue and do all the final setting up. We've got 54! players for the 40k event and considering this is Australia and its first year I'm happy. And a lot of people who said they were going to try and come were unable to - the possibilities for next year are staggering. Here's to the continued success of 3++con and the other NOVA events such as Event Horizon and Centurion.

Anyway, all this weekend I will be doing live updates as much as possible. We are going to be recording one table throughout the weekend similar to what NOVA and Feast of Blades did last year though I'm not sure if we'll have a streaming system in place. We're working on it but because it's been very last minute so it's not 100% settled at this point. If this does happen, I will post details ASAP so you can watch live. Beyond this, each round and match-ups will be posted here on 3++ with game results announced as they happen (I'll update the blog post in question and add a comment with the results).

Since I'm a stats whore, I'll be keeping note of everything. What armies played what, who went first, what boards they played on (and I'll be taking pictures of each board before the event so we can look at how each board was laid out), who met what victory conditions, etc. The analysis I did on NOVA and 'Ard Boyz will pale in comparison to the data mining I can produce from this event since I have literally everything at my finger tips. I'll be trying as well to determine a statistic to identify the difficulty of one's draw and see if that influences the raw Win/Loss percentages of armies at all - not really sure how to go about this though so if anyone could help out that would be great.

Beyond this, 3++ won't have any email replies this weekend though Puppy is finishing off his BETA Tyranids codex whilst everyone here in Australia sleeps ^^. Otherwise there will be constant updates for 3++con and hopefully some videos (either live or delayed). Keep your eyes on this spot!


Looks like no video sorry guys - there will be children there and it's at a school and apparently department regulations are pretty strict in this regard despite the main camera pointing down on a table. Oh well - next year hopefully! Will get lots of pictures.

Here's a breakdown of the armies attending btw:

Black Templars 0
Blood Angels 3
Chaos Daemons 1
Chaos Space Marines 1
Dark Angels 1
Dark Eldar 7
Eldar 2
Grey Knights 10
Imperial Guard 4
Necrons 3
Orks 6
Sisters of Battle 1
Space Marines 5
Space Wolves 6
Tau 2
Tyranids 2


So some early stats for you:

26/54 = MEQ armies (48.14%)
30/54 = MEQ + IG armies (55.55%)
13/54 = non 5th edition armies (24.07%)
41/54 = 5th edition armies (75.29%)

So certainly a 5th edition heavy field but at least we are seeing an even split between MEQ and non-MEQ armies (even if it's not a 50/50 split of Imperial + Xenos armies).

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