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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Email in: 1500 pt DE list

Legio Minimus

Hello from Toronto. First of all - thank you for this blog. It is fantastic and has become one of my main sources of internet hobbyism.

So I've decided to start a new DE army (the models are just too beautiful). I have read through your DE codex review and a lot of your DE articles and I have a list I've put together that I'd like your comments on. Some things to know before reviewing: 1. the meta among my gaming group does not have quite as many vehicles (although it's slowly increasing); 2. I like to balance variation among my units and competitiveness with my army when creating a list; and 3. I generally play on a very terrain-filled map. Now, without further ado:

Unit # Total Notes
succubus 1 85 agoniser (goes with wyches*9)

Trueborn 4 68 4 shardcarbines
venom 1 65 splinter cannon

warriors 10 115 dark lance
raider 1 60
warriors 10 125 sybarite, dark lance
raider 1 60
wyches 9 130 hekatrix, agonizer, shardnet and impaler
raider 1 60
wyches 10 150 hekatrix, agonizer, hydra gauntlet, shardnet and impaler
raider 1 60

reaver 3 78 heat lance
reaver 3 78 heat lance
scourge 5 130 2 splinter cannon

Ravager 1 115 flickerfield
Ravager 1 115 flickerfield


The plan is to have a mobile army and be able to swoop down onto objectives or to isolate parts of an opponents army.

I like to think it's fairly balanced - (12 Dark lance shots and 2 heat lance shots for AT, trueborn, venom and scourges for anti infantry, and two units (including character) for CC). No one part of it is overpowering, but I think that combined with the supreme mobility, I should be able to concentrate my force properly, isolating parts of the opponent's army and taking down parts which may be individually (although not collectively) better than my units.

Finally, I've already bought 2 battleforces, 2 ravagers, 1 box scourges and another box wyches (although most are unassembled) so the more the army can be based around those, the better.

Thank you in advance for any help you might have."

I think the core of what you have there is decent enough though you are perhaps lackig a bit of anti-infantry at range. The Reaver squads as well are pretty blah at 3xstrong - I'd either combine these or drop them completely.

So a few things beyond this - Raiders need shock prows or you'll find your Wyches get blocked a lot. Venom + anti-infantry Trueborn doesn't sit well with me I'm afraid - I'd want the Trueborn sporting Dark Lances or Blasters as the Venom provides nice anti-infantry. You only have one Venom - look to perhaps tone down of the Warrior squads so you can run them with a Venom instead of a Raider. Finally, I'd prefer two Haemonculi instead of the Succubus to go with the Wyches and start them with FNP - you can give them some extra wargear to help out in combat or leave them in the transports/swap them to other units so you can still use Fleet but starting with FNP is very important for Wyches - they don't simply die when their Raider blows up.

SO basically combine the Reavers for one squad, switch the Trueborn themselves over to anti-tank weapons, replace a Raider/Warrior squad with Venom/Warrior and replace the Succubus with two Haemonculi (and drop a Wych). That'll make the list more streamlined whilst keeping with your mixed units and what you've currently bought. As you move up in points look to add another Ravager, perhaps some Wracks in Raiders/Venoms and more Trueborn + transport combinations.

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