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Friday, February 17, 2012

Email in: Bike Army @ 1750

"I just acquired a good sized Bike army, and am looking at Ravenwing vs White Scars for how to run these guys.

I have 1 Bike Khan (my club would let me use him as Sammael) , 1 Bike Libby, 4 LC/SS bikers, 1 Bike Apothecary, 12 Bikes w Meltas, 6 MMelta attack bikes, 6 Bike Power Fists, and 6 Bikes w Chainswords.

I feel really confident with mechanized armies, but bikes have never been my thing. Just looking for pointers on which Chapter to use (Codex vs DA), how to build the list, and how to run that list (who should reserve, scout, etc).

I also have 3 landspeeders (2 with HB/AC and 1 with MM/Flamer), and 4 fairly flexible assault squads, if that helps, but I don't really want to run Doublewing, even though I have the Termies to do it, and would like the list to be as "pure bike" as possible.


Luke Baker"

Space Marines generally run the better Bike lists and are a lot more open to using support units such as Speeders, Dreads, Preds, Devs, Command Squads, etc. Ravenwing Bike lists are still pretty good but very different - they flood the field with lots of threats which have to be killed since they are Fearless but their support is a lot more minimal. i.e. Deathwing and Typhoons (their Dreads & Preds are still valid options but less so in comparison to the Space Marine versions).

Either way, you're going to need to do some work on your Bikes so not everyone has a meltagun or PFist! If you're going the pure Biker route I'd really go with the Space Marine version with double command squad backed up by lots of bikes with melta weapons, MM Attack Bikes and PFists for large squads. Combat tactics is the rule of the game here. Otherwise running a Hybrid list with Bike squads surrounded by fire support from Dreads/Preds/Typhoons is also a very good option for Vanilla Bikers.

I think if you wanted to get the most out of a Ravenwing Bike force, you need to go Doublewing in some form and since you don't want to do that, stick with Vanilla. Check out the Biker label and the Space Marine armies in the Army List page for some ideas there.

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