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Monday, February 6, 2012

Email in: chaos marines


"Hey Kirby,

I may play some BA, but I still remain true to the Eightfold path....what do you think of this post-FAQ list?
This a variant on my usual list, that was strengthened with the faq.....I've been always using chaos lords; at the moment nothing is much better..and a few dreads

chaos lord-daemon weapon-130p

Chaos dreadnought-multi-melta-100p
Chaos dreadnought-TL lascannon-125p

7 plague marines-2x meltagun, asp champ w/powerfist, rhino-256p
6 plague marines-2x meltagun, rhino-193p
8 Khorne berzerkers-skull champion w/powerfist-rhino-243p

Heavy Support
2 obliterators-150p
2 obliterators-150p
2 obliterators-150p

A fairly simple list;The lord gives out a good punch in cc and is cheap. Our plague marines remain tough as nails, with a counter punch in the form of the
berzerkers. Typical flexible oblits, and finally the wildcard: 2 dreads. The can now effectively shoot and move with their lascannons (and a fire frenzy will be great!) to open rhinos, blow up paladins, and in cc 3 S10 attacks will make a mess of everything from paladins to thunderwolf cavalry to wolf lords on, well, wolves.
What do you think? "

The MM Dread is the better buy really - the only thing the TLLC weapon has over the MM is twin-linked and range - the AP1 makes up for the lack of strength in terms of chacne of destroying vehicles (except against AV14 when outside of melta range). Considering you're paying a buch of points for this option and you want to move your Dreads forward so you aren't going to fire frenzy into your own guys, the MM Dread is generally the better option.

Why the extra Plague Marines? Just have them as five strong with double special weapons in a Rhino. No need for Champions or Powerfists or extra bodies - they aren't a tarpit as they will still get punched by anything with powerweapons/fists. Have them as sturdy scoring units which bring double special weapons to the table and another vehicle. I'm not a fan of using Zerkers here as well as they only add effective anti-infantry through combat - I'd rather see Chaos Marines with some more special weapons act as the 'saving' unit for any Plague Marines in combat (or use the Dreadnoughts who are good in combat). ANy points spent here shouldbe increasing the number of scoring units - whether it's more Plague Marines or whatever, three limits your tactical options.

Oblits are fine obviously and I'd rather see a Sorc with Bolt in place of a Chaos Lord if you're not going to go with a winged prince. It at least adds some anti-tank shooting options and is still okay in combat.

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