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Friday, February 10, 2012

Email in: Need some suggestions for SW list


"Hi Kirby,

I plan to extend the Blood Angels army with new models. So that, I could play with them Count-As Space Wolves. My planned SW list is:

Rune Priest Chooser of the Slain, Living Lightning, Murderous Hurricane, 110 pts

3xDreadnought 2x TL Autocannon, 125 pts

3x5 Grey Hunters Pack, Meltagun, Razorback Lasplas, 155 pts
9 Grey Hunters Pack, Meltagun, Wulfen, Power Fist, Wolf Standard, Rhino, 225 pts

2x6 Long Fangs, 4xML, 1xLC, Razorback Lasplas, 230 pts
6 Long Fangs, 5xML, Razorback Lasplas, 215 pts

Total: 1850 pts, 10 vehicles, 43 Marines

The army should be primarily gunline with a decent counter charge. Rune Priest will ride with GH in Rhino.

Do you have any suggestions how to improve my list?
Cheers, Jiri"

You have excellent firepower but aren't very mobile and don't have much of a midfield presence with all those LasPlas for your Grey Hunters. You're also relying on Ld8 for them and whilst they are small squads, those couple of extra fails can be the difference maker. What I'd be looking to do is drop one Dreadnought in place of some Wolf Guard (PFist + combi-melta) for all four Grey Hunter squads (so drop one Grey Hunter from the large squad), transfer one of the LasPlas Razorbacks to the Wolf Guard squad which can operate solo and then give the small Grey Hunters Rhinos. I'd also drop the Power Fist form the large Grey Hunter squad - PFists on 1A models are pretty useless.

This means they can better use their decent melee capacity and their double-melta and you have more control over midfield. You'll have some spare points left-over and I'd be looking to get either another Grey Hunter squad for more scoring options or some TWC to help provide an aggressive presence in midfield. You've shored up your reliance on Long Fangs with Dreads and Razorbacks but with Grey Hunters are left alone and whilst solid, they need to score and control midfield as well so support there can always be useful.

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