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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Email in: Vanilla Marine list questions


"Hi Kirby,

My local gaming club is getting ready to run an escalation campaign, and I was wondering about my list choice. The campaign is very fluff driven, we've all submitted background for our armies before the campaign starts, and each month the lists we submit will have to follow our fluff or give our opponents advantages against us. We're starting out at 750 points and will be adding 250 to 500 points to our lists, depending on the month. And one other thing, the first lists we've submitted have to stay in all our other lists we make, vehicles can be shuffled around like a rhino from one squad to another and such, but the infantry will have to be in all our future lists. I'm not looking for super competitive like a tournament list, but I was hoping you could look at my starting list and make a few suggestions.

HQ: Master of the Forge
Tactical Squad(5man) with Bolterback
Tactical Squad(5man) with LasPlas
Sternguard(5man) with LasPlas
Sternguard(5man) with 2 lascannons

I know this is probably pretty suboptimal right now, the next 250 points go into filling out one of the tactical squads and giving a rhino the the lascannon sternguard, plus adding some combi weapons to the others. I went a little heavy on anti tank I think, but most of the other guys usually run lists with lots of armor and monstrous creatures. Any help you can give is appreciated thanks in advance.


That's a fine base but it really depends what you are going to do with the list as it grows. If you're not running Sternguard & Dreadnoughts, look to replace the MotF with a Librarian otherwise you'll find little use for him. Expanding both the Tactical squads and Sternguard squads for combat squadding + heavy weapons in backfield are both fine options when supported with Speeders/Dreads/Preds. Just be sure you have the end idea in mind as you start building towards it so you don't get stuff you don't need, etc.

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