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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Round 5 - 3++ con

Round 5 (Pitched Battle) Player A
Player B Record
Table 1 Simon Rainbow (BA) vs Scott Norwood (DE) 3
Table 2 Jenna O'Connor (DE) vs Stephen Boothroyd (Nids) 3
Table 3 Michael Pan (SW) vs Herbie Peppard (BA) 3
Table 4 Wayne Lauter (IG) vs Andrew Wynen (DE) 3
Table 5 Anthony Byers (DE) vs Shane Shofra (Eldar) 4
Table 6 Gary Morris (GK) vs Andrew Black (IG) 4
Table 7 Jordan Raskopoulos (Crons) vs James Scifleet (Tau) 4
Table 8 Chris Wright (Tyranids) vs Liam Crowley (Tau) 4
Table 9 Dean Hollis (CSM) vs Angus Aurora (SM) 5
Table 10 Adam Jenkinson (BA) vs Ryan Sirol (GK) 5
Table 11 Dan Payne (SW) vs Daniel Moore (DE) 5
Table 12 Marcus Williams (SM) vs Jared Clifford (SM) 5
Table 13 Tim Wright (GK) vs Lochlan Browne (SM) 6
Table 14 Ben Williams (IG) vs Robert Holtem (GK) 6
Table 15 Thomas Holdsworth (Orks) vs Justen Nixon (SM) 6
Table 16 Troy Wynen (GK) vs Andrew Fox (Orks) 6
Table 17 Brendan Bruno (SW) vs Tim Wallace (SW) 6
Table 18 Stand In vs Sharon Albery (SOB) 6
Table 19 David Teoh (SW) vs Rupert Pupkin (Necrons) 1
Table 20 Luke Spicer (Orks) vs Chee Wong (DA) 1
Table 21

Table 22 Denis Fung (GK) vs Janinda (Orks) 1
Table 23 Tim Bryne (Orks) vs Julian Miller (Necrons) 1
Table 24 Mitchel Corrigan (GK) vs Rowan Naveau (DE) 2
Table 25 Jimmy Wynen (Daemons) vs Glenn Wilson (Eldar) 2
Table 26 Michael Dickson (GK) vs Vincent Venstov (Orks) 2
Table 27 Jason Collins (IG) vs Lee Connor (GK) 2

Top Bracket currently is:

Denis Fung v Janinda
David Teoh v Rupert Pupkin

So GK v Orks and SW v Necrons

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