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Thursday, March 22, 2012

'Ard Boyz Canned

So it seems 'Ard Boyz has been cancelled. Two ways to take this - the terrible bullcrap of a competitive event that was 'Ard Boyz is gone & Games Workshop has pulled even more community support leaving us with... Throne of Skulls and the dedicated and hard work of individuals outside of Games Workshop who somehow manage to put together excellent events and satsify hundreds of people.

Whilst at least we won't have people claiming to be good because they won their local 'Ard Boyz or made the semi's, etc. along with their terrible missions, the questionable army balance at 2500 and home ground advantage, it's another glaring neon sign that Games Workshop simply doesn't care about it's customers. Come buy things and then go away for all we care, as long as you buy more.

It might not have made them a lot of money but it certainly brought people into stores and purchasing. Now? One more thing to be disgruntled about (whilst kinda happy :P).

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