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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Email in: 1000p BA Jumpers with Devs, streched too thin?


"Apologies, I have updated the army list and refined it somewhat. I decided it would be best to take out one unit, beef up the ASM and spread the remaining points among the other troops. I feel there are two ways I could have gone and wonder what your thoughts are on what would be more effective at this size of game.

Librarian w/JP - 125 points
Honour Guard w/3xMelta, Company Standard, JP's - 210

Sanguinary Priest - 50 points

10 ASM w/2xMelta, Power Fist - 235 points
5 ASM w/1xMelta, Power Fist - 135 points

Heavy Support:
10 Devestators w/4xML - 210 points

Total is 965, which leaves 35 points to spare.

The Sanguinary Priest chills with the ML Devs (who Command Squad split) to give them FNP saves and as such I figured he could do without a Jump Pack. Is that the best place for him in this army?
It costs and extra ten points to take two 5-man teams instead of the 10-man to open up more ML. Are more ML needed do you think?

I feel that Honour Guard are essential for the extra FNP saves they grant. Are they able to do a mix of both shooting and CC effectively?

Are 6 Meltaguns enough/optimal?

Phew, sorry for the barrage of questions. The other army I was thinking was basically the same but replacing the Devs for VV's. Which do you think is more effective in general?

Thanks so much in advance! Look forward to hearing your advice.


I think more ML are needed - you get less bodies to soak wounds but more firepower is good. The use of the backfield babysitting Priest is fine then as well as you're protecting more assets. However, it's still pretty inefficient so I think running a small Scout squad with ML as a backfield scorer makes that 50 point investment a better option.

Do this by dropping the Honor Guard down to a regular Priest but then you are a bit low on melta - use the extra points saved to buy infernous pistols for everyone who can and I think you'll be right from there.

As you move up towards 2000 points you can bring in VV if you wish or Honor Guard whilst bumping up your ASM/Dev numbers. In terms of VV or Devs though, I'd nearly always lean to Devs in isolation as they bring a better and more balanced list to the table.

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