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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Email in: Army List - SM 1000pts


"Hi Kirby,

I’m a long-time reader, first-time e-mailer. I love your blog, and check it once a day or more when I have the chance. The balance and maturity really sets 3++ apart from the rest. Keep up the great work!

I started collecting and painting 40k minis back in 1996 or so, but never really got into playing the game (2nd edition was too much detail for an 11 year old, and when 3rd edition came around I wasn’t going to shell out for new rules) and drifted away for a decade or so. I picked up a bunch of Space Marines following a weird dream about a year ago, and have been painting imperial fists since. I played one or two games at Sydney GW, but have now moved to Melbourne and came across a flyer for a 1,000pt tournament in North Melbourne at the end of the month.

You’ll likely notice the influence of your advice in my list so far, but I was wondering if you had any further refinements to offer. The idea behind the list is for the ass-backs to take and hold objectives using the anti-infantry and moderate anti-tank ability to fend off attack, and the las-plas-back to perform a similar role while threatening armour and elite infantry. The dread would be a gun platform or possibly tar-pit for weaker assault infantry. The speeders will drop in for tank hunting (using separate FoC slots) and last-minute contesting of objectives, and the predator will provide a bit of armour support for the force.

I could really use some suggestions for powers (and maybe some tactics) for the libby. Also, do you think the combi-meltas are redundant as I intend to keep the tacticals in their transports, or are they worth having to hit back at anything that destroys the transport?

Librarian – 100pts

Dreadnought with assault cannon and heavy flamer – 125pts

Tactical squad, combi-melta for SGT w/ razorback w/ las-plas and dozer blade – 180
Tactical squad, combi-melta for SGT w/ razorback w/ assault cannon and dozer blade – 180
Tactical squad, combi-melta for SGT w/ razorback w/ assault cannon and dozer blade – 180

Fast Attack
Landspeeder w/ multi-melta and heavy flamer – 70
Landspeeder w/ multi-melta and heavy flamer – 70

Heavy Support
Predator with autocannon, heavy bolters and dozer blade – 90

Thanks for any help you can provide!

-Rory (Apache)"

What kind of dream? lol

List balance looks alright though Assbacks aren't really a good choice for Space Marines. BA makes them fast (mitigating their range issue) and Grey Knights gives them Fortitude and S7 (making them cooler...) but SM has all the issues of short range, early immob results, etc. So if you're going for Assbacks...go to Blood Angels sorry :P though this would obviously clash with the Imperial Fists scheme. Otherwise I'd change those Assbacks to all LasPlas.

Libby in such a list should generally run Null Zone as standard and then whatever takes your fancy. I generally prefer Avenger for an AP3 template in a pinch but other powers are quite useful - check the review. Combis on the Tactical is indeed nice - it gives them more to do than just make the Razorbacks scoring. As you move up in points, look to make these 10-strong for more weapon options and combat squadding.

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