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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Email in: Beginner Army List Advice

"Love the blog! I’m a new player to Warhammer 40k (still building the army!), but I’ve done quite a bit of reading and I have a general idea of what I’m going for. Would you mind taking a look at this list to give me some pointers? I’m sure once I get some experience playing I’ll learn more of the BA tactics, but any advice for a beginner would be appreciated!

1500 pts

Unit I (in Stormraven)
1x Reclusiarch
4x Death Company
-2x Power Weps
1x Stormraven

Unit IIa and IIb (either on foot behind mech or deep strike)
20x Assault Marines
-2x Power Weps
-2x Melta-bombs
-4x Meltaguns
2x Sanguinary Priest w/JP

Unit III
1x Predator
-1x Lascannon SS

Unit IV and V
2x Baal Predators
-2x Flamestorm Cannons
-2x Heavy Bolter SS
-2x Dozer Blades

Alternatively, I can give up the Predator or a Baal for a Furioso or some more DC.


DC in Stormraven don't really add much - they aren't really that good and only one Storm Raven gives your opponent a nice big target to shoot at. Since you're running ASM Jumpers as well, I'd drop the Death Company + Reclusiarch to another Jumper squad + Libby w/Jump pack. All your ASM should be packing PFists as well rather than power weapons.

THen replace the Heavy Support Pred with a 2nd Stormraven and use them as fire support. I'd personally run the Baals as Land Speeders as well for more mobility and firepower but they are AV10 squadrons so they aren't exactly the most durable things in the world.

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