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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Email in: Blood Angels army list


"I was wondering if you would give a list a look for me. There is a 2000 point tournament coming up and I am stuck with how to finish my list. I am planning on doing a foot list as every one like to run lots of tanks. Any way to the list.


Sanguinary Priest, jump pack, power weapon, melta bomb

10 Assault marines, melta, melta, power fist
10 Assault marines, melta, melta, power fist
10 Scouts, combat blades, power weapon, melta bomb

Fast Attack
5 Vangaurd Veterans, jump packs, power fist, 4 melta bombs
3 Scout bikers, cluster mines, power fist, melta bomb
3 Scout bikers, cluster mines, power fist, melta bomb

Heavy Support
5 Devastators 4 missiles
5 Devastators 4 missiles
5 Devastators 4 missiles

So that leaves me with 220 points left over. My two options are terminators or sanguinary guard. The terminators are more servivable with the storm shields were as the guard are more mobile and would have two melta pistols. I guess there is a third option of another assault squad also. So I was wondering if your readers could help me out here. How do I round out this list?"

Fist, hope this isn't too late for the tournament and if so, please mention the dates so I can try to get to them ASAP.

If you were taking this list and set on either Terminators or Sanguinary Guard, I'd go Sanguinary Guard as they are going to fit into the list easier. TH/SS will have to deepstrike in to get into the game which means you're relying on an unmodified reserve roll and 2D6" scatter so if you want to do this, you really want at laest some locator beacons (scout bikers, sarges) and, Desc440 mention this on the YTTH forums I believe, but adding Corbulo for that re-roll on the reserve roll if you really need them would be great.

However, if you were happy with some changes I'd recommend the following - get rid of the scout bikers and cut the Scouts back to 5x strong with ranged weapons so they can objective camp. This is going to give you quite a few more points to play with and I'd look to get another ASM squad and Priest support. MOre consistent scoring and FNP bubbles are always nice. If you have points left over then you can add TH/SS + Corb or Sanguinary Guard as you see fit!

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