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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Email in: Blood Angels: Terminators + Devs 2000 pts

The Art of War

I am a player who just got back into 40k, and i was wondering if i should invest in this army:

Librarian w/JP
10man Terminators w/2x Cyclone Missile Launcher
Sanguinary Priest in Terminator Armour
3x Sanguinary w/2x JP
2x 10man Assault Marine w/2x Meltaguns, PF, & Handflamer
10man Assault Marine w/2x Meltaguns, PF, & Infernus Pistol
3x 5man Devastators w/4x ML

 My reasoning is the terminator squad will act as a barrier for the dev squad, and with FNP around makes it difficult to remove them. They barrage vehicles with missiles cracking open for the assault squads to nom nom on the units inside. AV 14 vehicles get hit with deepstrike meltas and blood lance. However i feel like the list is lacking in combat, and im not sure how it will handle bubble wraps and plasma poses a significant threat. Thoughts?"

The army is solid though you have too many Priests - drop the one in Terminator armor personally, you'll be able to use the two Priests with Jump Packs for the most part to ensure everything has FNP/FC and as the Terminators move up, they can transfer from the backfield Priest (leave the CML Terminators trailing to the backfield) to the Priests up front.

The extra points should go into more ASM as that's where you're lacking a little bit - scoring. Combat is alright - 30 (or 35) ASM will do a number on most armies with FNP/FC and with Terminators to back them up, they'll be right. Just make sure your Terminators aren't in the back all game, they are too expensive for that.

Plasma (or mass power weapons) is annoying but that's going to be the issue with any Marine army and you're not exactly wanting for bodies (currently 60 infantry). Bubble-wrap is something your ASM will just have to deal with. They are better than foot units at getting around it thanks to Jump packs and you have 16 missiles coming downfield a turn so you're not exactly stuck in midfield unable to hurt your opponent's backline.

The short answer is yes to getting the models - even if you don't like the army itself or find it doesn't suit you, the list concept is solid and all the models can be used elsewhere with regularity (particularly if you magnetise everything!).

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