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Monday, March 19, 2012

Email in: Blood Hammer: 50-65 extra points


"I'm headed to a tournament in a couple weeks and I'd love to run some ideas past the 3++ crowd.

Following are 1800pt for a 1850pt tournament. I've been playing a number of different 2k versions of this list for only a couple weeks and they've been doing quite well. Unfortunately I don't have time to play test many games before the tournament and I'm interested in what you, and others, think I should be doing with the last points. I have a number of ideas with the best/worst being the option of taking a Techmarine. I'm also reticent to change too many of the basics of the army without time to play-test the changes.

125 Librarian: Jump Pack [Sword/Shield]
270 Sanguinary Guard: 2 PowerFist, 2 InfernusPistols, ChapterBanner
90 Sanguinary Priest: Jump Pack, Power Weapon
90 Sanguinary Priest: Jump Pack, Power Weapon
50 Sanguinary Priest
235 10 Assault Marines: Power Fist, 2 Meltaguns
235 10 Assault Marines: Power Fist, 2 Meltaguns
195 10 Tactical Marines: Power Fist, Flamer, Multi-Melta
250 5 Van Vets: 3 Storm Shields, Power Fist, Lightning Claw
130 5 Devs: 4 Rockets
130 5 Devs: 4 Rockets

This leaves me with 50points to spare and a number of interesting choices.

Extra weapons and gear. Easiest to use but adds no 'extra' dimension to my tactics.
Attack Bike with Multi-Melta. Somewhat useful but not overwhelmingly so.
Corbulo: drop some points off the Sanguinary Guard and go with him instead of the base Priest. I'm not a huge fan of his single re-roll and dubious extra abilities, but it's worth discussing.

Drop Pod with Locator Beacon for the Tac Squad. The squad upgrades the flamer to a meltagun. This obviously gives the Tac squad the ability to drop in close on turn 1 against armies that aren't a fan of that, but in many cases it will be dropped empty so the Tacs can hold objectives and support the Dev squads. The Locator Beacon could make the Pod extremely useful to my DeepStriking squads.. On the down side I imagine that TLOS will leave me with very spots that it won't get targeted by all the enemy's ranged anti-tank (making it an easy killpoint) and the places that are safe will be useless to the squads dropping in.

Techmarine (best and worst option.) Techmarines are seriously bad; basic marine stats and no IC status. The only reason to include one is his ability to make a Ruin a 3+ cover save. Typically the Tac/Dev squads draw all the opponents anti-tank weapons. It won't take long for a 3+ to be worth it against single lascannon/lance/etc shots. Even better is against Blast weapons with AP 1-3 or something that can generate a ton of wounds; going to ground for a 2+ cover save. Typically these squads take a hell of beating over the course of a game and I think the Tech marine can add to their already good FNP survivability. The downside is the Techmarine himself. No IC means he can't give a 2+ armor save to any squad. 1 attack means that taking a Thunder Hammer or a PowerWeapon are mostly a waste of points. The one load-out that may have some value: JumpPack and Combi-melta. In killpoint games he'll most likely be hiding in reserve and attacking only things that have little chance of harming him in return. In control point games he can alternately provide suicide-melta (bleah) and/or a mobile unit able to contest points far away from the action. Overall, his addition to the army is good but he himself does little of interest.

Can't wait to hear people's comments or suggested 6th option.

Mycroft "

If you really want to use those Tactical Marines as is - a Drop Pod, otherwise I'd be looking at changing them completely. Replace them with a 5x Scout squad with ML + cloaks and use the points leftover + extras you already had to grab another full ASM squad.

You'll probably need to shave some points so I'd drop upgrades from the Sanguinary Guard - start with the extra powerfist and take out the Chapter Banner as needed. This then gives you a backfield scoring presence with more guys ASM running forward without having a very expensive squad to give you some extra backfield presence and little else (Tacticals).

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