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Monday, March 12, 2012

Email in: Chaos Psychic Powers


" Ok, so I'm a little late to the party. I'm still building up my Word Bearers (thanks for the critique a few months ago!), and am reconsidering the loadout of my Daemon Prince. Simply put, after the FAQ clarification to Warptime (re-rolling ALL dice to hit/wound rather than just fails), is it still the must-take that it once was? Personally I'm considering running Breath of Chaos but I'd appreciate a professional opinion. (If it helps, I'm alternating between a Lash Sorceror and Kharn the Betrayer in my other HQ slot).



Personally, if you're running Daemon Princes, run one or none. With Warptime re-done, they aren't as reliable as before and I'd probably be more inclined to running 2x Lash Sorcorers in squads compared to before. That being said, Nurgle Princes are still tough nuts to crack and they can pack a punch in combat - you could simply save points by not taking Warptime or look to take one of the less stellar options though if you're not taking Warptime I'd simply shave the points.

Kharn and Lash Sorcs are good replacements for Daemon Princes though if you wanted to go in that direction.

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