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Friday, March 23, 2012

Email in: Eldar advice needed


"Hi I follow your blog for a while now, and after much lurking I wish to ask for some advice about my 1500 pt Eldar list:

10 Dire Avenger, Exarch, Bladestorm, Defend, shimmer shield. Wave serpent, soul stone, shuriken cannons.

5 Dire avenger, Wave serpent, soul stone, shuriken cannons.

6 Fire Dragons, Falcon holofield, soul stone, shuriken cannons.

6 Fire Dragons, Falcon holofield, soul stone, shuriken cannons.

3 jetbike with shuriken cannon.

3 jetbike with shuriken cannon.

Falcon holofield, soul stone, shuriken cannons OR Fire prism with Holofield and shuriken cannons

Eldrad and Avengers should storming enemy objective, jetbike should capture/contest in a objective rich environment, other Dire Avengers squad should sit on an objective and let the wave's Shuriken cannons do some work.

Falcons with Dragons are here to deal with enemy tanks and MC.

If chance arise I will go second, and put all in reserve, but I think this is very risk since I have not an Autarch... I can drop Eldrad for a Dommseer and an Autarch, or maybe drop the large Dire Avenger Team...

What do you think?"

Fire Dragons are much better off in Wave Serpents and Dire Avengers in Falcons. Why? Falcons are much, much more survivable at range with holo-fields except against anything with Ap1 and the most common AP1 gun out there is a meltagun which has a harder time bypassing Wave Serpent armor as well. Basically put, the Wave Serpent maintains durability as you get closer (necessary for Fire Dragons) whilst the Falcon gets weaker if their are meltaguns around.

This would also determine running the larger Avenger squad as a smaller squad - you've got a lot of upgrades on them which isn't really needed. If you want to run a larger squad I'd just run the larger squad with mass catapult fire rather than sinking extra points into them but if you're putting them in a Falcon, you cannot have them at a large size regardless. If you want to keep them a larger squad size, you'll need to them into a Wave Serpent.

With the points saved there I'd make all the Shuriken Cannons Scatter Lasers where possible - the extra 12" is huge.

FOr the 3rd heavy I'd go with the Fire Prism - you need some better anti-infantry at range, particularly if you don't trade-in your Falcon for a Wave Serpent. Don't bother with Holo-fields though, it makes losing the main gun much more expensive. With the extra points from that you could grab 2 Warlocks for the GJB to make them a little bit more durable and reliable or grab an Autarch with fusion gun to get a bit more tactical flexibility.

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