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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's Like Magic! - Black Legion CSM


Welcome to the second in the series, "It's Like Magic!". This time its Chaos Space Marines of the Black Legion.

Primary Colour - Black
Secondary Colour - Gold/Bronze
Spot Colour - Green

Paints used;
Shining Gold
Boltgun Metal
Dwarf Bronze
Dheneb Stone
Calthan Brown
Devlan Mud Wash
Dark Angels Green
Goblin Green

Lets get straight into it

1. Spray paint black - Note that these models have been "inherited" off a mate who doesn't play anymore - hence the parts that are painted already.

2. Shining Gold the raised armour sections.

 3. Boltgun Metal for the chains and weapons

 4. Dwarf Bronze all the Khorne Symbols and bullets (A tip in hindsight - these could be done gold also, or all the Gold sections could be done bronze. Since we aren't highlighting anything these 2 colours are fairly similar)

5. Dheneb Stone skulls and horns

6. Devlan Mud Wash the skulls, horns and brass khorne symbols

 7. Dark Angels Green topnots, power cables on the backpacks and eyes (flesh is Tallarn Flesh, then wash with Ogryn Flesh)

8. Calthan Brown the straps (In hindsight this should have been done before the Devlan Mud wash, also to save time this could be done at the same time as basing)

9. Goblin Green highlights on the green. On the topnots this is done via Overbrushing (essentially just like drybrushing - Load the brush with the colour, wipe a little off on tissue/paper towel, then lightly drag the brush across the area. It should hit all the raised areas and not touch underneath. If you do get more than just the raised areas come back to it with a Thraka Green wash.)

1. Sand

2. Calthan Brown

3. Flock

Done! Have yourself a drink.

The finished models;

Quick and easy. If I was doing multiple squads of these guys, I would change the spot colour for squad markings. 

Good colours would be;
Purple (Lich Purple then 1:2 Lich Purple/Skull White hightlight)
Blue (Enchanted Blue then Ice Blue hightlights)
Red (Mechrite Red then Blood Red, or for a more Orangey highlight try 1:1 Mechrite / Solar Macharius Orange)

Thanks for reading. Next up is Doom Legion Space Marines (or possibly Space Wolves..). Suggestions/Requests in the comments below.

- The Wizard

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