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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's Like Magic! - Space Wolves

Greetings and welcome to the third in the “It’s Like Magic!” series, where I show you how to get an army up to tabletop standard quickly and easily.

This time round; Space Wolves! Whilst grey can be a difficult colour to work with, I am hoping to show that an acceptable tabletop standard can be achieved quickly using just a basecoat + wash. The same technique can be applied to other similarly-coloured Chapters (i.e. Space Sharks!)

First up is a Grey Hunter. There will be a Wolf Scout in the near future.

Paints used;

Astronomicon Grey
Mechrite Red or appropriate alternative i.e. Iyanden Darksun
Calthan Brown
Dheneb Stone

Dwarf Bronze

Badab Black
Devlan Mud

1. Spray black

2. Basecoat the armour with Astronomicon Grey foundation paint.

 3. Wash the armour with Badab Black

4. Paint the shoulder pads.  According to the Space Wolves Codex the right pad typically denotes squad type (e.g. Grey Hunter vs. Wolf Guard etc, including squad markings) and the left shows the Great Company that the warrior belongs to.  As a Grey Hunter of Harald Deathwolf's Great Company, I've used Mechrite Red for both sides (see the Space Wolves Codex for more examples). 

 5. Use Dwarf Bronze for the Icons etc

6. Glue sand to the base using a PVA thinned down a little with water

7. Calthan Brown for the base and wolf pelts. If you accidently get some on the warriors legs, wipe it off quickly with a damp tissue.

8. Dheneb Stone drybrush the wolf pelts

 9. Wash the wolf pelts with Devlan Mud

10. Glue small patches of Flock to the base.


Soon I’ll be doing another Grey Hunter to show you a lighter (and more “traditional”) colour scheme, so stick around. As always, comments/suggestions/questions/other welcome below.

P.S  I'm working on getting a light box ready, but as I've already done the next 2 posts so don't expect it straight away :)

- The Wizard

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