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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Warmachine/Hordes Glossary

Greetings again ladies and gentlemen, it's Whitestar333 from Steam-Powered Gamer here to bring you another fine article, although this time I'm switching gears from our usual list building article and instead I'll share some of the terminology and acronyms used in Warmachine/Hordes.  Some of you might be new to the game and seeking the advice of your peers and mentors but face some confusion when exploring on the world wide web for Warmachine or Hordes advice.  I decided to compile a list for you all with a list of some of the terminology and acronyms that you might encounter in your learning about the game.  I will be honest, I try to update this list constantly on my blog but I figured that since it seems a lot of visitors to 3++ are developing an interest in Warmachine/Hordes, this would be helpful for you all to see.

I have tried to organize this fairly well so that you can quickly find what you're looking for by category and then in alphabetical order.  Like I said, I am constantly trying to keep the list updated but you might notice that there are more terms for the factions with which I am most familiar, so if you know of something I don't have on the list, feel free to contribute it!  You will also note that some of the entries are a little tongue-in-cheek, so don't be too offended if there's a remark about how "bad" a choice is - you all should know by now that I am an advocate of making the underdogs work!  Without further ado, enjoy the Warmachine/Hordes Glossary!

Abby - Abyslonia, Terror of Everblight.
Argi - Argus, pl.  Never seen.  Opposite of auto-include. 
Barney - Bloody Barnabus.  He loves you, you love him.
BnB - Bethayne and Belphagor.
Connie - Constance Blaze.
Denny - Deneghra.  Can be p or e.
Doomy - Hoarluk Doomshaper.  Can be p or e.
Fatty - Dominar Rasheth.  Could also be a Bloat Thrall, in the context of Cryx.
Dr. Frankenpig - Dr. Arkadius
Gaspy - Lich Lord Asphixious. Can be p or e.
Gunny - Captain Gunnbjorn.
Harby - Harbinger of Menoth.
Hexy -  Lord Hexeris.  Variation: Sexy Hexy and Sexeris.
Chicken legs - Vice Scrutator Vindictus.  Specifically refers to the thin legs on the model.
Mechano-ham - Kommander Harkevich, the Iron Wolf.  Specifically refers to the weapon carried by Harkevich, and it's similar shape to a chunk of ham.
p, e/1, 2 - Prime/primal, epic versions of a warcaster/warlock (i.e. pNemo vs. eNemo, or Nemo1 vs. Nemo2).  The 1,2 notation has become more popular with the future addition of "legendary" warcasters/warlocks.
Thaggy - Thagarosh.  Can be p or e.
TOM - Testament of Menoth.
Tree - Cassius the Oathkeeper and Wurmwood, Tree of Fate.  Refers specifically to Wurmwood.  This may be adopted in the future to refer to Gallows Groves.

Warjacks/Warbeasts/Battle Engines
Angel - Angelius.  Typically pluralized.
BBack/Bbtitan - Bronzeback Titan.
[Bone] Chicken - Cryx light warjack type, typically refers to any of the following: Deathripper, Defiler, Nightwretch, Ripjaw, and occasionally the Scavenger.
Carnie - Carnivean.
Coach - Titan Gladiator.  Specifically refers to usage with Molik Karn, to increased his threat range.
Cricket - Arcantrik Force Generator.Disco Ball - Storm Strider.
EB/EBDT - Earthborn Dire Troll.
Gunbunny - Grundback Gunner or Blaster.
Molik Karn - Typically mistaken for a character warbeast, he is actually a Hordes faction, typically seen with a red and gold color scheme.  Example: "What are you playing today, Steve?"  "Molik Karn."
Webcam - Celestial Fulcrum.

AG - Ancestral Guardian.
ATGM - Arcane Tempest Gun Mages.
B13 - The Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team.
BLT - Bane Lord Tartarus.  See also: Tartarsauce
BFS - Black Frost Shard.
Blood Pot - Spawning Vessel.
[The] Book - The Covenant of Menoth.
Darragh Wrathe - (pronunciation varies greatly)
Digmies - Pyg Burrowers.
Fatty - Bloat Thrall. Also: Dominar Rasheth, in the context of Skorne.
Harm - Typically refers specifically to the spell Kiss of Lyliss, which causes the target to take more damage from attacks, seen on Lady Aiyanna and Blackfrost Shard.
IFP - Khador Iron Fang Pikemen.
Junior (Jr.) - Cygnar Journeyman Warcaster.
KEE - Knights Exemplar Errants.
Kermit/Kremit - Croak Hunter.  It's not easy being green.
Kovnik Joe - Kovnik Josef Grigorovich.  See also: WGDS.
KSB - Trollbloods Kriel Stone Bearer
LoF/LotF - Circle Orboros Lord of the Feast
Moneybags - Lord Rockbottom. 
Moses - Trollkin Runebearer.  Refers specifically to his resemblance to the Biblical character from the Old Testament, known for his affinity for stone tablets and yelling (?).
MOW - Khador Man-o-War troopers.  Can either been Demolition Corps, Shocktroopers, or Bombardiers.
PGBH/M - Pain Giver Beast Handlers.  Sometimes seen as PGBM or "Pain Giver Beast Masters".
Shrimp - Druid Stoneward and Woldstalkers.  Refers specifically to the Woldstalkers, which resemble shrimp.  Possibly also "prawns" in Australia or New Zealand.
SoB - Sons of Bragg.
SSC - Stone Scribe Chronicler
The Stone - Krielstone Bearer and Stone Scribes.
Stormnoun - Refers to the set of Cygnar storm knight infantry, including Stormblades, Stormguard, and/or Storm Lances.
Tartarsauce - Bane Lord Tartarus.  Believed to be an auto-include for Cryx players.
TFG - Protectorate of Menoth Temple Flameguard.
WGDS - Winter Guard Death Star.  Typically a full unit of Winter Guard Infantry with Kovnik Josef Grigorovich nearby.  Believed to be an auto-include for Khador.
Wishnailer - Sylys Wyshnylyrr.  Often mocked for having the most "y"s of any model/unit.
WoO - Wolves of Orboros.

Auto-include - A model/unit that is believed to be necessary for every list.
FA - Field Allowance.
FF - Friendly faction.
Pillow-fisted - A weak hitter in melee.  More common among warbeasts, typically a heavy with P+S 14 or less.
Pop-n-Drop - A win condition that involves "popping" a feat (typically with pKreoss), followed by killing - "dropping" - the enemy warcaster.
SR, SR2012 - Steamroller tournament rules for a given year.  Example: "SR2011 rules were largely successful, but come January 2012, the SR2012 rules were released with new changes."
Skornergy - A term coined in Mk. I where a perceived synergistic effect is achieved after its desired impact has already resolved.  This was most common in the Skorne faction in Hordes Mk I.
UA - Unit Attachment.
WA - Weapon Attachment.

AS - Arcane Shield (Various Cygnar, Jr.).
BDtH - Batten Down the Hatches (Lord Carver, Broadsides Bart).
CG - Crippling Grasp (Deneghra, Dr. Arkadius).
CoS - Curse of Shadows (Cassius, Mohsar, various Cryx).
DW - Defenders Ward/Death Ward, depending on context (Menoth, Skorne for the former, Cryx for the latter).
FE - Forced Evolution (Dr. Arkadius, eKaya, Absylonia).
FoC - Flesh of Clay (Wold Guardian)
IF - Iron Flesh (Various Khador, Bloody Barnabus)
RoTE/Roots - Roots of the Earth (eBaldur).
SG - Spiny Growth (Bull Snapper, Carnivean).
SoG - Strength of Granite (Gorten)
SS - Stone Skin (pBaldur)

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