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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adepticon 2012 - Thoughts?

So I didn't get to watch any of the stream with work, Diablo 3 and more important stuff (...okay so Diablo 3) so I'd love to hear from people who went how it was.

My take on the missions assuming the information I have been given is correct (because a couple minute search on their website yielded no fruit!) - Kill Points was way over emphasised. The missions, as I was told, were three mission parameters each and which ever player managed to win two of them by game's end, won. Kill Points was one of these parameters in every mission.

This places a huge burden on MSU armies when not versusing another MSU or at least KP heavy army. In every single game. Kill points, we can assume, was designed as a mission to deter full MSU armies - if they met up with a non-KP army in a tournament they were really screwed. The problem was, those armies were often screwed in the five objective mission and this is what led to a lot of TO's looking to make new missions. However, it's really important to keep as close to the 5th edition constructs as possible - i.e. 67% missions favored Troop heavy armies, mobility was always favored (get to objectives, improved ability to kill opponent), emphasis on midfield, 33% missions Kill Point, etc.

NOVA accounts for this by taking all of the mission parameters and rotating them in important (i.e. Kill Points can be the most important, least important and then middling importance). They are always there but aren't always the most important factor. With the Adepticon missions, Kill Points are always there and always of equal importance. Immediate advantage deathstar armies when playing against MSU armies - they've effectively got one of the mission parameters in the bag which forces the opponent to win both of the other parameters or table them. Consistently harder to do when some Deathstar armies are at least solid.

With this in mind - how did people find this played out? Eight of the top 16 were Grey Knights and I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of them were Draigowing based. What were the other objective parameters like? I'd love a players pack btw to look at the missions more closely and provide feedback to the organisers (whom I've also asked for the statistics). Was terrain an improvement on last year? It was certainly on the march upwards last year so an improvement here would be great. What were the other systems like? I know Lost Hemisphere got some nice Privateer Press photos of some new stuff - anything else?

Anyway, any and all info, feedback or pictures would be great :).

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