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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Email in: 1750 world eaters csm

"Im sure that you get tired of reading this but, im a short time reader but your blog has helped me immensly. Even as far as some tournament success. Im hoping for your thoughts on my 1750, world eaters themed ('hobby' tournaments seem to be in vogue in my area) list.

Daemon prince
-mark of khorne, wings

Terminators (5)
-2 x LC, 2x combi-M, icon of khorne, CF, autocannon

- MM, CCW, Heavy flamer

CSM (10)
champion, PF, icon of khorne, melta x2, rhino

CSM (10)
champion, PF, icon of khorne, melta x2, rhino

Berserkers (9)
champion, PF



Obliterators (2)

Im really struggling against elite forces, especialy terminator heavy lists. any suggestions would be appreciated :D
Keep up the good work."

You've got a smorgesboard going on there :P.

I'd taken the Daemon Prince and run Kharn, grab a second Dreadnought (or Terminator squad), drop the Marks on the CSM and look to grab a third melta squad or a 2nd Beserker squad (and put one or both beserkers if you do in Rhinos). Give all the Rhinos combi-meltas.

Heavy Support is the doozy though - Chaos Land Raiders are pretty meh. No Power of the Machine spirit hurts and they're still expensive. Vindicators likewise suffer from being expensive and having one gun syndrome (which isn't massively ranged). If you really want the Vindie at least give it the Daemon upgrades so it can still shoot but I'd recommend against it. Rather, I'd be looking to turn both of those into more Oblits but something's tickling my mind there as not too fluffy. Instead, grabbing two squads of Havos with some heavy weapons (missiles or autocannons) with Rhinos (combi-meltas again) to move forward to support the Oblits you have would work as well.

This gives you more melta, more efficient choices and some additional fire support whilst having a pretty solid core of T4/3+ guys in midfield with some combat capacity (Beserkers, Dreads, Termies, Kharn).

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