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Friday, April 6, 2012

Email in: 2000 point Space Woof list

"Hey Kirby!

Whats up in 3++ world? I've been a follower of the site since my friend introduced me to it at the inception of my chaos space wolf army. Which has not been meeting the success which I am accustomed to with my ork army. I think my lists are usually solid, but I have a tendency to forget that my space wolves are not orks once they hit the table. I have a loganwing list that i ran a few times and liked alot, gave my friend's grey knights a run for their money, but my focus now is a combination razorback/thunderwolf list. I imagine it working as sort of a one two punch. This will be my "build - to" list, and I intend it to be what dictates my next few purchases. Which is a large part of why I'd appreciate your imput.

Enough sillyness, TO THE LIST!

HQ - 390

Rune Priest w/ Chooser, TDA (yes he's a termie, attached a picture of him, i like him that way) Living Lightning and Murderous Hurricane - 130
Wolf Lord w/ Thunder Wolf, Runic Armor, Saga of the Bear (might switch to Warrior Born, I just love EW) Storm Shield and Thunder Hammer - 260

Elites - 151

3 x Wolf Gaurd w/Storm Bolter, CCW and Melta Bombs
1x Wolf Gaurd w/TDA, Power Fist, CML

Troops - 745

2 x 5 Grey Hunters w/ Razorback (TL Las) Meltagun, Wolf Standard, Mark of the Wolfen - 180ea
1 x 5 Grey Hunters w/ Razorback (LasPlas) Meltagun, Wolf Standard, Mark of the Wolfen - 180
1 x 10 Grey Hunters w/Rhino, 2 x Plasmagun, Wolf Standard - 205

Fast Attack - 120

1 x 2 Thunderwolf Calvalry w/ wolf claw - 120 (was thinking about making these guys two units of one TWC each with a Wolf Claw, but as a Wolf Lord Delivery system this is probably better, what say you?) - 120

Heavy - 420

3 x 6 Long Fangs w/ 5 x Missile Launcher - 140 ea

So right now the above weighs in at 1826 points, giving me some room for more stuff, perhaps more Thunderwolves, maybe a terminator lone wolf with thunder hammer and storm shield, maybe more Wolf Gaurd, but probably Wolf Scouts. Let me know what you thing and thanks for your input."

The biggest thing you are missing is Ld9 from your Grey Hunters - you've got the spare points, get some WOlf Guard with Combis + Power Weapons into those 5-man squads. I'd also be hesitant to bring the Wolf Standards on such small squads as well - I'd rather see them dropped for something else. The 10x GH is pretty expensive considering all you're doing is making them a plasma delivery system and there is only one. Single large squads are just big targets for your opponent - either make two largish squads (7-8 inc. Wolf Guard, standard, Mark, double special) or keep all them all small. Also, all RBacks shouldbe LasPlas over TLLas.

Otherwise, yes finding 85 points to chuck in a WOlf Scouts would be ideal. Other options are more TWC or Razorbacks for the Long Fangs though to get this you'd need to drop the Wolf Lord (which you might be attached to).

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