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Monday, April 16, 2012

Email in: BA list 1750p

"Hey, I'm building a new force and could use some sound advice before I hop away to buy more plastic!

Currently I use:

5 x Ras w MG in TL PG / LC Razorback - 165
5 x Ras w MG in TL PG / LC Razorback - 165
5 x Ras w MG in TL PG / LC Razorback -165

2x Baal Pred, AssCan, HB sponsons - 290

2x Pred, AutoCan, LC sponsons - 270

total - 1055 p

I don't want to add more preds or baal preds and preferably not more razorbacks. It's spammy enough for my taste. However I need a HQ and one more scoring unit.

I've considered add sniper scouts, some devastators and a priest for backfield hug and a nipple squad and a priest + librarian w JPs to be able to push back some close combat heading my way. It would roughly add up to 1750. Or what else are my options?
Librarian dreads + typhoons and stick w 3 scoring? Ble, I don't know. All I know is that I'm very unexperienced compared to those I face :) If you could help me out to build a balanced list to take on any codex and stand a chance, at least in theory, I would be very happy.

Ty for your blogging, always a nice read for me!"

If you can stand another Razorback, I'd grab one of them then add Dozerblades to each of them + the Baals. Adding a Libby (either with Jump Pack or not) and some Typhoons would be the next most obvious step. You get your HQ and some extra firepower to boot.

There are quite a few options to go from there. You could get full ASM squads (or small) to support your mech through combat or potential deepstrike options. You could do the same with Sanguinary Guard with more combat prowess but still unable to take on rocks. You could add shootynators w/CML for more firepower a unit to push into your opponent (and it's quite durable with Priest support). Sternguard for fire support or mobile melta/bbq teams which are more capable of pushing forward (put them in Rhinos if you are happy with that). Really it's up to you in relation to what you want to do. Personally, I'd be looking at the Shootynators as they can easily move in front of your RBacks + Preds since they have a greater ranged orientation. Otherwise Sternguard in Rhinos (which you may not like) for some more aggressive melta/flamer options. The Sang Guard/small ASM units would be better off if you ran Assbacks over LasPlas - something to consider.

And of course depending upon what you end up running - some Priests. If you all you're doing is getting more ranged firepower, you probably don't need the Priests but they are also a nice option to have as they make even charging 5-man ASM units semi-decent in combat and if you can get lots of them to charge at once, well same effect as the larger squads but with greater flexibility!

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