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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Email in: Hellionway

"Hello Kirby, an avid reader of your blog.

I posted a few weeks ago a hybrid Logan Wing list and tested it in battle against Necrons. I’m very happy with your advice I added two Lasplas Razors to the Long Fangs and they were really useful.

Battle ended in a draw (11-11 kill points). Far better than CSM or Eldar list that I took to tourneys and almost every time I got badly defeated.

Now the Dark Eldar list.

Baron Sathonix

Duke Sliscus

6 Incubi + Raider w flickerfield

13 Hellions + Helliarch w agonizer (Baron goes here)

2x8 Hellions + Helliarch w agonizer and phantasm grenade launcher

(Helliarch is already included in the total number of Hellions in all 3 units)

20 Kabalyte Warriors w 2 Splinter cannons (sliscus goes here)

10 Kabalyte Warriors w Dark lance and blaster

(Kabalyte Warriors are only there because I want some backfield scoring with long-range weapons, the 2 splinter canons unit was designed only to take advantage of Sliscus 3+ poisoned weapons)

2 x 6 Reavers w 2 blasters

(sorry, I prefer the blasters here in reavers over the heat lances. Heat lances at max range are very lackluster. Blaster allows me more room to maneuver because they work at full power at max range. I can keep Reavers alive easier by ending as farthest as possible of their target after shooting it. This is the only thing that’s not negociable if you keep Reavers in the list)

3 Ravagers.

I’ve tested this list against Chaos Daemons and went well (Victory for me, 11-4 kill points) . Daemons were completely slaughtered mainly by Hellions (but apart from my opponents very bad luck when deploying, his list wasn’t very good and IMO he chose wrong what to send in his first wave.)

I have a few questions of this concept of list:

-How well it does against more common lists? Any bad matchup for Hellionway that you can think of apart of too many riflemen Dreads?

-It’s Sliscus really a whim for this list? Perhaps it could be more effective to use 3 Haemons instead of Duke to ensure FnP on Hellions or use more units, etc…

Thank you for reading this long mail


Victor. "

The Hellionway list is a fine concept but the major weakness of the list is losing anti-tank without running those extra transports in the Troop slots so you need to max your anti-tank elsewhere. Ravagers, Reavers/Scourges and Trueborn + mostly Raiders, though some Venoms work, as your transports is where you'll see most such lists heading. Sliscus can fit into such lists but more anti-tank generally goes a longer way. The extra combat drug roll is nice but that's the main thing you're taking advantage of here.

With that in mind I'd be losing the Warrior squads and Incubi and getting a Haemonclus or two. Then grab Wracks and Trueborn with Blasters or Dark Lances in mostly Raiders with Shock prows and a couple Venoms for cover layering. Go from there. I'd really prefer the Reavers to have Heat Lances but if you're set on the Blasters, that's fine. Consder Scourges if you just want the blaster use and you could try them out with Haywires as well for some more reliable suppression.

Other the list has a strong anti-infantry basis with the Hellions (consider 4 squads if you have the points and then two backfield scoring Wracks in Raiders/Venoms) and added combat potential. The rest of the army is providing anti-tank.

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