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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Email in: Nurgle plasma crazyness 2k list

"Hello there!
A couple of days ago I got inspired with an article on the interwebs about a night lords thematic list with plasma overload, so I decided to try something similar beacuse I haven't ever tried plasma (which is kinda good with plague marines) and came up with the following list:

2xLash Sorcerers 250 pts
-Chaos Terminators 3x: Heavy Flamer, 2x Combi-plasma, 1xChainsfist. 120 pts
-Chaos Terminators 3x: 3xCombi-melta, chainfist. 120 pts.
-Chosen CSM 6x: 5x Plasma Gun, Icon of Chaos glory, Rhino. 228 pts

-Plague Marines 5x: 2xPlasma Gun, Rhino. 180 pts.
-Plague Marines 5x: 2xPlasma Gun, Rhino. 180 pts.
-Plague Marines 5x: 2xPlasma Gun, Rhino. 180 pts.
-Plague Marines 5x: 2xPlasma Gun. 145 pts.
-Plague Marines 5x: 2xPlasma Gun. 145 pts.
Heavy Support:
-Obliterator Cult 2x. 150 pts.
-Obliterator Cult 2x. 150 pts.
-Obliterator Cult 2x. 150 pts.
Total: 1998 pts.

I played one game with against an imperial fist outflanking army and did very well, plasma is really good against Marines, more so with lashes putting people into rapid fire range and keeping those pesky assault hammer termies well away from my disease ridden troops. And I only lost one plague marine to plasma overheat all game long.
Not exactly an statistic proof here, but the list felt really powerful and not as outgunned/outclassed feeling you get usually playing against 5th edition codices with CSM."

Plasma certainly has it's strong points. It's S7 so isn't useless against vehicles and you can get two shots. It's going to tear expensive infantry apart when in the open and with Lash this can happen more regularly. But, a whole army of it is not going to generate consistent wins. Ask all the armies who only bring ranged autocannons to the table - you always need something better to back it up and whilst you have Oblits, you need more.

Personally, I'd be taking all your Elites and turning them into melta carrying options. Whether it's 5x Chosen with a couple meltaguns in Rhinos or 3x Termies with combis, you need some melta options. I'd be looking as well to try and squeeze in Rhinos for all your Plague Marine squads and chucking combi-meltas on them as well - let your Plagues sit a bit further back and plasma away but you need to have units and options with melta to take tanks down when you really need it - use your Elites for this.

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