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Thursday, May 17, 2012

CHAOS! Wicked Converted Slaaneshi Exorcist

MBG here with a neat little conversion to help us forget our Chaos Codex pains!

One of the guys at the store just got this sweet Slaaneshi Exorcist back from White Metal Games, in anticipation of some Chaos fun hopefully in the near future.

This thing is wicked cool, so I wanted to show it off some and maybe eventually make a datasheet for it.

The Conversion(s)

Well this monstrosity started out as just a normal Sisters of Battle Exorcist kit, minus the hugely overweight side panels.  WMG added on some Emperor's Children Forge World hatches and front plate to set the mood, proper like.

Then it looks like he went to work corrupting the organs with all manner of wicked warp entities. 

They seem to be affixed to the weapon with Apoxi Sculpt, which is perfect for this sorta thing (see this article where I make custom bases for my Nob Bikers).

He did a little work with the Apoxi, cutting "warp lines" into it here and there, which I'm sure will make this thing pop when it's painted.

The Organist is definitely a Daemonette, very fitting for the theme of the vehicle.

More amazing work from White Metal Games!  Model shots below!

Be sure to checkout White Metal Games (WMG) over on their blog.  He's got some really neat stuff on there, half of which I would have never even imagined possible!

And if Chaos is your thing, checkout almost 100 hobby articles on just them here.

Can't wait for more chaos!!!!- MBG

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