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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cygnar Stormwall - Rules Card & Discussion

Card rules after the break. The question here is: auto-include or not? Not sure on all the Colossal rules here (edit: I've been told they are in No-Quarter so if someone could enlighten us that'd be great) but we can assume they are going to be quite easy to hit/impossible to hide, etc. They obviously have two front arcs with specific weapon arcs devoted to them and the sweep ability gives them the ability to not only deal with heavy armor (which with 2 POW15 RNG14 and 2 POW20 open fists they can do) but infantry as well.

Is it comparable to 19 points of Warjacks? ARM19 with 56 damage boxes isn't a huge slap in the face in terms of taking it out and it does come with four weapon systems + two open fists so with the two facings this would probably be relatively comparable.

Anywho, have at it! And enjoy the pretty cards.

So quick summary:

2 POW15 RNG14 guns
2xD3 POW12 RNG 10 guns which can place a 3" covering fire template (models entering or ending activation within AOE take a pow10 hit)
2x POW20 open fists with electro-leap
up to three pods within 10" - when placed draw a line from Stormwall to pod - everything in line takes a POW10 electrical damage roll (warjacks are disrupted)

And thoughts:

The pods seem nice - disruption is always a great ability and although you can only do it three times a game, that's three turns of a Warjack you don't have to deal with. Doens't work against colossals or beasts though. The damage output at range seems pretty good, especially with some upkeeps like snipe - RNG18 POW15s? okay. The ability to drop two covering fire templates or shoot 2-6 POW12s is also pretty nice - again with snipe this goes out to RNG14 so has a nice range. This is all limited of course by having two fields of fire - all of that firepower is unlikely to be dropped onto one poor sucker like a Warcaster (i.e. getting caught in the centreline). Either way, the ranged firepower here is quite clearly capable of doing some damage to lighter infantry but still has the capacity to ding heavier armor.

Combat seems pretty nice with a base strength of 17, reach and the sweep colossal power attack. It's a bit of a glass cannon here though, even with 56 boxes, as charging Heavies should be able to take down an entire field. But beyond, 2x POW20s with electro leap, the aforementioned reach & sweep and the ability to have four focus is going to put the hurt on anything - the only potential issue is overkill - if you're only killing a Warjack a turn with 19 points... Obviously this power is needed to be able to drop other Colossals quickly but it could render them all inefficient once they close the distance. Time shall tell in this regard.

Overall, and this is from a limited knowledge standpoint and without playtesting, it seems to fit nicely. It's a nice addition to an army but something every Cygnar caster is going to do well with or in fact, need (the major worry). It does have a lot of damage output but it is a single target which the opponent can focus on and which isn't as survivable as its 19 points would suggest compared to say two-three heavies.

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