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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Email in: 40k 1.5k space wolves army list


I've been lurking the 40k world for the better part of a year, mostly reading the novels, playing the pc games etcetera. Over the last couple of months I managed to get into the tabletop via borrowing armies and playing casually. After a bit of putzing about with Dark Eldar, Chaos, Space Marines, Imperial and the like, I've settled on Space wolves as in investment. The store I play at generally has 1.5k to 1750 point losts. Some members in the chatbox on your page proved helpful in refining this list, but I don't think it's quite there yet. The list has already had a few revisions, but at it's core it's still the first army list I've thrown together. What can I do to tighten it and focus it a bit more?


Dog on the internet


Rune priest w/ chooser of the slain
powers: Jaws of the World Wolf and Living Lightning

attached to a unit of 8 grey hunters, one carrying a melta.
attached a single Wolf guard with combimelta.

riding in a Rhino with heavy armor and a storm bolter.

5x Grey Hunters w/melta
w/ Wolf guard member w/combimelta
In Razorback w/extra armor, storm bolter, LasPlas

5x Grey Hunters w/melta
w/ Wolf Guard member w/combimelta
In Razorback w/extra armor, LasPlas

5x wolf scouts. one with a meltagun, the rest with meltabombs.
Wolf guard with combimelta attached.

Dreadnought with heavy armor, plasma cannon, wolftooth necklace.

Long Fangs
4x missile launcher
1x lascannon

Long Fangs
4x missile launcher
1x lascannon

3x Thunder wolf cavalry w/power weapons


The core of the list is there but a few changes will make it better. The Razorbacks/Rhinos do not need extra armor or storm bolters - they are just useless points there so dropping those and getting another transport for the Long Fangs is a good idea (add another LasPlas). Dropping the EA from the Dreadnought is also a good idea though less necessary. I'd be looking as well to try and get more vehicle hulls in by downgrading some of the vehicles you have - i.e. turn the two LasPlas RBacks for your Grey Hunters into Rhinos - this gives you the top-hatch capacity and gives the Grey Hunter units more flexibility. With the points saved there, grab another LasPlas for your other Long Fang unit.

Otherwise everything looks pretty good - I'd be trying to get a few more upgrades into the larger Grey Hunter squad - i.e. Wolf Standard, Mark of the Wulfen and the TWC can only have one power weapon - I'd change this to Wolf Claw (for re-rolls) or Thunder Hammer (for S10) and a stormshield (ornothing if you need the points).

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