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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Email in: Benefits of Wargaming?

"Hi Kirby,

Always enjoy reading your blog and you always make things mesh nicely, so I just wanted to suggest a slightly different article on a subject that i've been thinking about for a while that you may or may not consider writing about?

Basically I was just wondering how you think warhammer (and wargames in general) might apply to the real world outside the confines of our gaming clubs etc.?

There's a clear real-world application of the Hobby side in improving manual dexterity etc, I actually had interviews for dentistry at university a few months ago and i took a few warhammer models as examples of my manual dexterity and the interviewers got really excited over them in every university i went too! So improving manual dexterity is an obvious advantage to warhammer and painting scale miniatures, but I was wondering whether you could see/ think of any other situations and scenarios where wargames and miniature painting might help us somehow?

just a thought you might play around with :)
anyway thanks for your time,


Certainly - though it depends how deeply you get into the game. From a very casual perspective where you play maybe once a week or are more focused on the painting side, you'll probably be less immeresed in the gaming aspect of wargames and get less out of it in that perspective (nothing wrong with this). If you look at it from a competitive stand point and how many of the good players approach the game, it's basically a complex problem they are attempting to solve within set constraints whilst needing to be flexible themselves. This is great for real-life work as problem solving is part of a lot jobs yet there are constraints in which that problem needs to be solved and the more flexible/creative you are, themore likely you'll come up with a good and innovative solution which is good for whatever organisation you are working for.

The basis of many games as well is logic - playing it regularly is going to improve that and some games will do this more than others.

Otherwise, the ability to see a project through and certain planning skills are obviously going to come through (assuming you can follow it!) in terms of painting and modelling, etc. Obviously the dexterity you pointed out would also be skills you developed as well as the social side of wargaming - which after all is the basis of games; playing with others.

Anyone else have any skills they think wargaming develops?

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